Short Hair Tutorial Updo Less Than 5 Minutes

Hey guys, Welcome back it’s mallanna here and, I am here with another hair tutorial on my head right now, I just recreated it, I am bringing it to you live well, I posted that like couple days ago. So it’s not live you guys see that. If you want to see more of it keep reading for this hairstyle you will want some type of curl in your hair, I actually have a tutorial and how, I achieved this girl, I will link it in the cars above and, I will have the link in the description below. So click that description box for my choice of texture spray this is the bumble and bumble thickening dry spun finish spray it’s like a three-in-one adds texture fullness and hold. So you can kind of skip the hairspray.

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If you’d like no joke, I am almost done with this hairstyle it is that easy next step you want is make sure you have an elastic nearby and this is where you start assembling. So. Because you will have the curls it’s going to add a nice beautiful texture to your hair and to your hairstyle. So take your hair back towards the back of your head and then you’re going to start at the crown of your head like the temple area and just start grabbing a section of hair and then bringing it all the way back when you grab it into a ponytail at the back. If you feel like you want a little bit more curl just take the sections kind of take it out of the ponytail and wrap the curl and then just bring it back just to add a little bit more texture and curl to the top of your head once you’re done adjusting the curls and texture take the elastic and tie it once or twice to make a loose ponytail you don’t want it too tight this is where the actual hairstyle begins we’re going to section it right in the middle just like that you’re going to twist it towards your face the entire ponytail and you’re going to drag it right through that hole to the other side just like that and then to tighten it just do it like this once you have the first pony tail on this is basically the basic of the hairstyle we’re going to go back in and do section by section adding ponytail to ponytail. So basically don’t grab two big sections you want a little bit texture in the back and also with each section and grab that section of the ponytail into the next section same is the first one grab the ponytail towards your face and then tuck it into that hole just like that and then to tighten it pull it together continue doing that, I like to have at least between four to six sections of the ponytails. But obviously.

If your hair is longer you’re probably going to have more. So if you guys like these types of hairstyles for shorter hair like mine, I have a lot more like these they’re really pretty and they’re really easy to achieve that’s the best part right, I have the playlist listed down below in the description box for more of these really awesome hairstyles for short hair once you get the last one done and through the loop you’re going to have this little piggy sticking out my little miss pinkie tail. So what you want to do is take it one more time around into the loop and then this is where the bobby pins come in handy. So this is pretty much all done with the hairstyle you can keep it like this a little bit more tighter and more structured in a way. But I want to go back and loosen it up just a little bit just to give it a little bit more volume and texture see, I wasn’t kidding it is really quick super easy even my hubby was surprised at how easy it takes, I wasn’t kidding but. Because it was. So short you might as well just free watch this post I’m just kidding, I have more posts down below in the description box check them out, I would really appreciate it check out my April favorites post, I have a little bit of lock footage there.

So that’s kind of fun. But for now thank you so much for reading this post is spending some time with me and my husband and I’ll see you guys very soon love you all bye.

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