Short Haircuts For Ethnic Hair

Regardless who handles your hair you should not feel pain when your hair is being braided, undone washed or treated in any way. Pain is always the body's way of saying something is wrong. Trust yourself to know when your hair is not being handled right. You can literally hear the hair tearing if you practice listening to your hair.

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And you can surely feel the tension when it is pulled too much. Be brave and stop the action immediately – no matter who gets offended.

Not everyone can handle Afro hair – remember that. Just because we have African genes does not mean we understand hair. That includes braiding and I am sure we all have stories we can tell of the hairdresser who pulls our braids so tight that the pain makes it impossible to sleep for two days. By which time much damage may have been done.

Do not allow anyone or anything to scratch your scalp or rubs your hair carelessly when washing, treating, or massaging your hair and scalp as this will create more knots than existed in the first place.

Although braiding is an African tradition handed down through generations, there are people who could end up damaging your hair when they braid it leading to hair loss and breakage. This is especially important when choosing a stylist for childrens delicate hair. Equally important is the process of un-doing your braids; a lot of damage can be done by pulling braids or twists out of your hair instead of gently and patiently combing each one out.

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