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By the age of 50, 50% of women will be 50% grey. Grey hair doesn't have to mean ‘ old' hair. No matter what the shade, hair is an extension of who we are, and if it is glossy, well cared for and cut regularly, you will look fabulous whatever your colour.

As long as you do not construct subject and object* the relative has its own reality. On a practical level, there are three levels of reality, but once you begin to understand that, there is only one reality: tathata, the ideally absoluteWhy is rhe relative different from the notional-conceptual? The notional-conceptual is how subject and object exist, whereas the relative is the whole act of creating duality, the workings of mind, the workings of consciousness.

To create duality is the relative, whereas the notional-conceptual is the created thing.

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We could say that the notional-conceptual is the product of the relative. The relative is the act of mind that creates duality.

It is called relative because it depends on causes and conditions. For instance, for the traces and dispositions to mature or actualize, you need the appropriate circumstances. Your traces and dispositions would not just arise arbitrarily.

First, the traces and dispositions would be left on the substratum and then, when the appropriate condition comes about, the relevant traces and dispositions would be actualized or matured. That is the working of the mind and that is the relative.

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