Short Haircuts For Men With Thin Straight Hair


If you feel your hair needs a pick-me-up, try using an intensive conditioner or hair mask that can be left on for 10 minutes to moisturize the hair shafts. While you are waiting, wrap your hair up in a warm towel to enable the treatment to penetrate more deeply.

Instead of seeing it as something to be rejected or accepted, you just deal with It as it is, as anger, without putting too much judgment on it. Our habitual patterns are what make us judge it as bad. That is why the Hevajra-tantra says, That which binds you is also that which sets you free.

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 We create our own imprisonment, so freedom is intrinsic in the fundamental sense. You do the same with all your negativities and try to free yourself by making proper use of them. We consider love to be good and hate to be bad.

In Buddhism, first you have to generate love. You have to think that loving is good and hating is bad and begin to develop love. However, thinking that love is good and generating it in this way is a generalization, because we might try to love, but we love in the wrong way and we create more harm than anything else.

It does happen that way.

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