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Technically there is no such hair colour as grey. Hair is either pigmented or it is white – the grey is simply a mixture of white hair and coloured hair. If your grey hair looks dull, consider using a silver shampoo formula, which will brighten both the white and pigmented strands and give them lustre.

The idea of not accepting or rejecting reality also plays a very important role in tantra. In tantra, for instance, the perception of the world is neither exaggerated nor underplayed or rejected.

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The world is perceived as it is, without attributing too much to it or underplaying it. We simply try ro see it in its nakedness, without any kind of vikalpa. As far as the beauty and tantrikas are concerned, any kind of exaggeration or rejection is part of the play of the vikalpa and consequently the world is not seen as it is.

 Tathata is not perceived if one rejects or accepts. They also say that if one begins to accept or reject, either through philosophical discussion or through practice, that only continues our construction of the world to coincide with our own viewpoint rather than seeing the world in its nakedness, which is the ideally absolute or reality itself. What role does language play in terms of constructing the world? Asanga spent a bit of time examining that.

He says that normally human beings misuse language. A lot of the time, especially in philosophical discussions, we use words and mistake words for things* We believe that if there is a word, it must stand for a thing, but it does not.

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