Short Hairstyle Julianne Hough How To Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial

Did you do that how do they do the honors how they do this Hi everybody, Welcome back to the middle boo blog again and you were reading another hairstyle that, I have in my head this is a Julianne Hough inspired look obviously it’s going to be awesome. Because all of our hairstyles are awesome they’re beautiful they’re edgy they’re attention grabbers touching getters or grabbers do you want to grab her or get her you decide, I want to grab my guts that’s. So weird moving on. If you guys like this look keep on reading.

Short Hairstyle Julianne Hough How To Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

Because this is like a faux hawk style hairstyle like it goes down the middle you will want a lot of texture and volume in your hair. So a good base is to have your hair curly or wavy like, I do usually like a second and a third hair where you have a lot of dry shampoo or dry texturizing spray to give it like that texture and grit. So you will need three products you probably have them on hand first and most important is a lot of bobby pins this is just one of my favorite brands this is the meta grip, I purchased this as Sally’s beauty and then you will need some type of teasing comb also purchase at Sally’s Beauty, I will have the links in the description box below. So also check that out and then you will need also some dry texturising spray this is the bumble and bumble Drive spun finish texturizing spray it’s kind of like an all-in-one it gives you texture volume and hold. So you can skip that hairspray. So once you have a nice bird’s nest on your head you’re going to continue making it even more bushy. So this is where we’re going to start doing the mohawk part we’re going to start creating a section there we go that looks good and this is where the teasing comb comes in handy and we’re going to tease it all back once you have the initial first bump this is where we start creating that full hawked effect.

So you see where the line starts with the first the bump that created we want to continue with this line and we don’t want to grab it you don’t want to grab hair below that line hope that makes sense you want a more symmetrical fauxhawk. So once you grab a section that’s how big I’m grabbing mine we’re going to start twisting it towards the back and then bringing that over to the other side like. So make sure you don’t pin it too far also take your hair pin a bobby pin and then pin it like underneath towards the front moving on to this side now doing the same thing creating that faux hawk line making sure they look kind of equal once you grab your section you’re going to twist this towards your face and then you’re kind of overlapping it. So same thing once you bring that side over we’re going to pin it also from the back alright. So now I’m going to continue adding hair to each side once the Mohawk effect is done we’re going to move on to the sides of the hair and make it a little bit tight just to kind of emphasize the faux hawk look. So this is where you can get creative and do your own little thing you can even do braids here. So I’m going to start adding this hair and then I’m going to pin it underneath one of the curls alright.

So for the size sections you guys just saw, I just did section by section and, I took them towards the back tuck them underneath the curls or the faux hawk you can basically play around with it as you like as your style. But make sure this side is more sleek and you don’t want it to be as volumize as the top. Because we’re trying to put the focus on the actual faux hawk. So this is my take and that julianne hough pompadour faux hawk mohawk style hairdo that it’s really nice and voluminous in the middle and then it’s nice and sleek on the sides, I do want to mention that you might want to have a friend or somebody that can look out what you’re doing towards the back when you do add the hair. So if you’re adding too much or too little they can tell you and guide you where you should add more hair basically. But what you guys think of this hairstyle is it too crazy isn’t too messy what do you guys think let me know in the comments down below. If you guys liked it the post hit the thumbs up button subscribe.

If you haven’t. But for now, I will say my goodbyes, I love you guys all very much and thank you for all the support bye.

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