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Night-time cover is no secret

In addition to protecting your hair during the day, it’s important to protect your hair at night while you sleep (Just as your mother probably taught you!). Night time is easy to take care of. The two things you want to be aware of when you go to sleep are the need to protect your hair from itself and the need to protect it from damage by external causes.

In the first case, you must prevent the strands of your hair from rubbing against each other. Being curly Afro hair easily knots around itself and around adjacent hair shafts and this is only made worse when we shift, and turn in our sleep. Whatever your daytime hairstyle, wearing a protecting cover holds hair strands in place limiting movement, minimizing knotting, and allowing the hairstyle to last longer -whether it is braids, braided lines, or an open Afro – if you are that bold.

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Cotton sheets and pillow cases tend to quickly absorb the much-needed moisture and natural oils taking them away from your hair and scalp into the fibers of the pillow and sheets you sleep on. The cotton rubbing against hair strips the protective oils – both the natural oils and the products we put on it to help seal moisture in and keep it soft and manageable. Hair again becomes dry and tends to split and break. Cotton also causes a lot of friction when rubbing against your hair as you change sleeping positions throughout the night and this results in weakening and even breakage of the hair. Avoid putting cotton fabric next to your hair whether in the form of head scarves, hair accessories or pillow covers as it will pull both oils and moisture away from your hair.

Polyester satin is less absorbent and tends to repel water when in contact with it. The synthetic, silky surface minimizes friction against the hair when you move around while sleeping. Hair slides easily against the silky satin fabric reducing friction and therefore the chances of breakage. Satin caps and pillowcases are much gentler on your hair than cotton. A satin cap made of synthetic polyester fibers will repel the moisture and oil in our hair leaving it where we want it – in our hair! Many women still use the old-fashioned but very effective old stocking to cover their hair when they go to sleep. Nothing against it although there are prettier alternatives these days!

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