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Taking Herbal Preparations

Like other medicines, herbal remedies must be taken at the appropriate time and in a suitable manner tailored to the individual. For example, in cases of pregnancy, no strong herbal teas should be taken during the first trimester even if they would otherwise relieve stress because the body is in too sensitive a state. Likewise, young children, whose bodies are also very labile, should not take Peppermint or Sage tea, they may suffer an adverse reaction. It is commonsense to avoid ready-made herbal mixes that contain sugar the sugar will only create an additional burden for the body, reducing its ability to cope. Where it is possible, the cause of the stress should be removed, and everything done to support the person at this time.

Herbal teas are easily made in a wide range of flavours. Short inverted bob haircuts They are a gentle and simple way to soothe both body and mind the herb garden Herb gardens are easy to make and quickly stocked.

Get a catalogue from a specialist seed supplier and you will probably find that they have eight or so different kinds of Basil from Europe and the Far East, with herbs like Coriander and Cumin. Growing them is incredibly easy. In most cases, pick regularly to encourage plenty of fresh, new tasty shoots. You will quickly see the benefits in the kitchen and your health.

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