Short Layered Haircuts For Fine Thin Hair 

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

1.Apply warm Coconut Oil to scalp and damp hair

2.Heat a towel in the microwave for 1minute or until warm

3.Wrap hair in warm towel

The hot towel will open the cuticles and allow the Coconut Oil to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft

4.Leave on for 30mins then rinse, wash out or use as leave in conditioner

Tip 31: Sock buns give curls and volume to straight or limp hair without the use of damaging heat.

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How to make Sock Bun

1.Cut the foot off a long sock and roll it into a donut shape.

2.Comb your hair into a not-too-tight ponytail on top of your head (either use a band you do not mind snipping off or wrap a finger-width strand of hair around your tail and pin into place).

3.Lightly moisturize the ponytail using your favourite oil

4.Put the end of your ponytail into the donut opening.

5.Tuck the end of your tail up into the outside of the sock donut.

6.Now roll the donut up your ponytail until its flush against your scalp.

Try and spread the hair evenly over the donut ensuring it doesnt show through

7.You may want to secure the sock in place with a bobby pin.

8.Leave in for a couple of hours or overnight to set.

9.Remove the sock and reveal your luscious lovely sock-bun curls

Tip 32: A Doobie will protect your hair while you sleep, exercise or even whilst doing your chores! When you take the Doobie out youll notice your hair feels smooth, straight and tangle-free.

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