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I hate being left out, so here I am as a youngster too… Cute, huh? Georgia’s become much more driven and courageous with her dance routines, and she’s such a joy to watch. She’s a proper pintsized rocket! Anton’s having a brilliant year on the show with Katie. Short on sides long top haircut I think he’s just glad he’s finally getting to do proper dances! I’m so pleased for him.

Reports say Peter is concerned he’s not in the running to win the show because he’s not on the tour – but nothing could be further from the truth! Most of the celebrities are offered the opportunity, but Pete’s got his own tour next year and he can’t do both. I direct the tour for the fans who can’t make it to the studio, and I pride myself on it being family entertainment – I’ll have to keep control of Bruno! ‹“It’s been a traumatic year for Fiz, but Christmas Day will be magical.

Short on sides long top haircut It is a tear-jerker though, so you’ll need your tissues! There needs to be some hope in the storyline, and actually, when I visited the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital cancer ward recently, doctors asked us to show that these things can have a positive outcome and that cancer doesn’t have to mean the end. I was so grateful to the mums and dads who let us meet their children and listen to their stories. While all the people there are obviously going through the most difficult and painful of times, I was touched by what a positive and uplifting place it was.

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