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Smoking is very damaging, as it affects the take-up of vitamin C and constricts the blood vessels. This means that fewer nutrients needed for hair growth are getting through. Stop smoking and you will see instant results.

Sandy dreams of having a life just like Sherry the Pastor‚ „s wife. To Sandy, Sherry is the one who seems to have the perfect life.

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She‚ „s married to Pastor Jeff, and her two beautiful children still have a father. Sherry has a prosperous women‚ „s ministry, and she is physically beautiful and slim. In her jealousy toward Sherry, Sandy started coveting Sherry‚ „s entire life, even her husband, Pastor Jeff.

Sandy then became ambitious about pursuing Pastor Jeff by having an affair with him. Unfortunately, Pastor Jeff fell into the temptation and destroyed his marriage by having an ongoing affair with Sandy. Sandy‚ „s bitter emotional roots sprung up to destroy the peace and love of the church.

Sherry filed for divorce, and as a result of the strife their church and family has been destroyed. Other church members are now defiled with anger, resentment and revenge for the church falling apart. Many of them blame Sandy and Pastor Jeff, and some of them even blame God.

As Hebrew 12: 15 says, The bitter root grew up to cause trouble and defile many.

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