Simple Easy Hairstyles Incorporating Bows Ribbon

I haven’t wore ribbon in my hair since. I was a child But recently I’ve re-fallen in love with it, and, I wanted to share it my newfound love with you guys. I think adding Ribbon to your hairstyles is just a great way to personalize them make them your own. So today. I thought. I would share with you three easy and surprisingly chic hairstyles incorporating Ribbon into your hair in a grown-up way So let’s get started first up is my favorite and it says Brigitte bardot inspired half up half down hairstyle That. I could just picture at any outdoor event and, I think it’d be perfect for a bridal shower first step Loosely gather all of the hair at the top of your head and just above your ears And you want to make sure that you’re only gathering the top layer of hair as you can see here.

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I still have quite a bit of hair at left down underneath And. I just grabbed that top layer Next step tie up your hair with the hair elastic Just below the center of your head to make this hairstyle stand out and give it that Brigitte bardot Style and just gently pulling out this side to loosen them up And then, I’m grabbing medium sized pieces on the top as well just to help add some additional volume without having to tease and hairspray our hair and Once you’re happy with this we can move on to the next step. Which is so simple It adds. So much drama to this hairstyle So just lift your ponytail up about an inch or two and then you just want to pin the elastic to your head with two Bobby pins. So slide them right through your hair elastic and onto your head making sure that you are sliding them in diagonally So they form a cross and stay nice and secure guys isn’t it incredible what a difference that simple step makes. I think. It’s so 70s and adorable.

. I absolutely love this and for this hairstyle since it’s more feminine. I thought a dainty pretty pink Ribbon would be perfect All. I did was slid it underneath my hair elastic making sure that it’s equal lengths on both sides and then. I wrapped the two sides around one another the exact same as the first step of tying a shoe and then. I just made it into A bow it is a little tricky tying a bow behind your head I’ll tell you that much. So take your time with it and practice this hairstyle is incredibly simple but it’s.

So charming and sweet and, I think the bow is the perfect touch Next up is this casual and effortless bun that. I think it’s perfect for every day And. I can just picture this in the fall paired with a Chunky knit sweater first up is simple Just loosely gather all of your hair into a low ponytail And if you’re using a ribbon try to match your hair elastic color to your ribbon and since this hairstyle is so effortless, I’m just gently pulling on the sides to loosen them up and as well as around the crown of my head Just to help add some additional volume and, I find that this just gives the hairstyle a more casual Appearance now since this hairstyle is more casual and cool.. I thought a transparent thin black Ribbon would be perfect. I just placed my ribbon underneath my ponytail and, I tied the two sides around one another to form a knot But, I’m not gonna create my bow just yet to create the bun. It’s simple Just place your hands underneath your ponytail and wrap your ends around your hand if your hair is shorter Then just wrap your ends around a couple of your fingers and once your hair is wrapped like a bun Just make sure your ends are hidden and not poking out And.

I just want to hold everything nice and secure with one hand And then we’re gonna cross the Ribbon through that hole in the center of the bun. I first pulled through the right side of the Ribbon, and then. I pulled through the left. I promise it’s much easier than it sounds once you pull through both sides of your ribbon You can now create a bow. So just not the two sides together By tying one around the other and make sure it’s nice and tight to hold our bun in place And then. I just finished it off with a bow. I love how simple and effortless this hairstyle is and, I think the bow is the perfect way to elevate such a casual and Classic hairstyle and lastly,.

I knew. I wanted to do a big floppy Satin bow. I just I’d be. So perfect for the holidays and the soft Ponytail was the perfect pairing first step quite simple gather all of your hair and making sure to get those neck hairs to and create A low ponytail and just tie it off with the hair elastic Next we want to create a topsy tail now They do make tools for this I’ll link them below, but it’s simple enough to do yourself Just take your index finger and thumb on both hands And you want to create a hole behind your hair elastic Once you have your hole you just want to flip your ponytail up and pull it through that hole Depending on how much hair you have or its length This can be a little finicky, but take your time with it and make sure that you pull it all the way through Once it through it should look similar to this But. I wanted my ponytail to appear Softer and less put together.. So I gently pulled on some small pieces along the top of my twists using my index finger and thumb and then.

I also pulled up on some areas around the crown of my head to create more fullness and movement And. I find doing these steps makes the hairstyle look more elegant Than just a topsy tail and to finish off this look. I thought this beautiful thick black Satin Ribbon would be absolutely perfect.. So I placed it underneath my ponytail and a tightly tied the two sides together and then tied them into a Bow, and, I really wanted a big floppy long bow for this hairstyle what a difference adding a bow can make. I love how it takes such a simple everyday hairstyle and gives it a more formal and Personalized appearance don’t be afraid to play around with different textures colors and styles of materials So there we have you guys three really simple ways to incorporate Ribbon into your hairstyles And. I would love if you let me know which look was your favorite.

I hope that these hairstyles inspired you to try something different whether it’s adding Ribbon to your hair or a different hair Accessory that I’d love to hear your thoughts on this do you think that Ribbons are too girly or do you agree with me and Think that they are surprisingly chic and can be worn as a grown-up and if you just like to add Ribbon to any your hairstyles even if it’s just a simple ponytail Please share it with me. I know. I say this all the time But. I absolutely love seeing how creative you guys are but. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this post if you did don’t forget To give it a thumbs up and, I will talk to you guys soon. Bye.

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