Skiing And Children: Baby Makes Three

When the two of you met, you found out you had lots of shared interests – and perhaps some history, as well. “Wow, I really like that film too.”… “That’s crazy, I lived just down the road at that time”… “Yeah, curry is my favorite food as well”. All right, it’s normal so far. Eventually, you figured out you shared an interest in the slopes, and it was a done deal. Ski breaks became more and more common, and you’d take holidays with your friends (who are now mutual ones), or you’d spontaneously decide to slip off somewhere for a long weekend of snow. The flow of life carried on, and not much changed, other than the extra jewelry. That is until you decide to start a family.

Like an avalanche, it all hits you. Biscuit cravings sleep deprivation, more contact with poop than you’d like, and a tiny dictator demanding all your attention. “That is it”, you may think. “We won’t ever go skiing again. Come to think of it, perhaps we’ll never even leave the house again.”

Only you can conquer the classic new-parent fear of leaving the home – and that’s the biggie – after overcoming that, another stuff becomes small fry. When that’s achieved, let’s get you ready to ski again.


Naturally, you’ll need your own special items. Say, that particular musical cow that makes the only sound your baby falls asleep too, or a blanket that calms the baby more than anything else. For heaven’s sake, remember these important items. Make sure to pack smart – and from high chair to travel cot, toys and games to monitor, cover it all.


Remember – even if you fondly remember your pre-baby skiing days, do not attempt to replicate previous holidays. We’ll make sure you have just as much fun and be able to relieve some memories – since that’s what our babysitting, crèche, and childcare packages are there to do. A few parts of your holiday will inevitably change, though, but you’ll be able to go enjoy your day without having to worry about the children. However, there a few great experiences you can have with your child too – such as looking at how cute a rosy-cheeked baby in a snowsuit can be, or exploring snow through the eyes of your one year old – perhaps even mucking around in our playhouse with your toddler.


We’ve done the thinking for you – choosing an excellent area for babies and children of all ages. It’s important to take the account the surrounding area, as well as the immediate environment and the facilities in it. When a baby is on the scene, you have to feel at home – and many new parents worry that, when traveling, they’ll leave behind parts of their home that seem to make life a lot easier. This isn’t going to be the case in this chalet.


All holidays are different – particularly as your baby turns into a toddler and your family starts to expand. Do not expect things to remain thaw same – embrace the change during each break. Once your children are on their feet, they’re going to want to be just like you – helping them find their feet on the slopes can be a great deal of fun. We can deal with ski school for you, so you don’t have to waste your precious time with it.


This is another important thing – happy parents make for a happy baby, and now more than ever you should get a glass of wine as the baby is asleep. Trust us, it does taste much better when someone else pours.

Don’t see family life as your ski door closing – instead, it’s a whole new corridor of doors opening. Before you know it, your little people are going to make you two look like novices.

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