Vitamin E is known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants, which can help prevent free radical damage caused by environmental factors like the sun. It is found in more and more skin creams to help ward off this damage, but you can source it nutritionally from leafy green vegetables and olive oil.


Finally, to the most important person in my life. Mike, you are my best friend. I cant imagine not waking up next to you, not laughing with you, and not growing with you. Your love makes everything possible, including the remarkable Theodore.

Philosophy and Buddhist tantra share, such as transforming unhealthy or unwholesome psychological aspects of ourselves into something higher or more elevated. In other words, we do not perceive our negativities, such as the emotions of passion, aggression, ignorance, stupidity, confusion, or whatever, as something to dispense with. We view them as something that should be transformed or mutated. The nature of our psychological makeup is not altered; however, the way these negativities manifest becomes completely different. That is a very important tantric concept, as many of you may know. Transforming our neuroses and emotional instabilities is very much a part of the tantric approach. We do not reject what is bothering us; we learn to accept and transform it. We can, in fact, trace those ideas to the original Yogacarin writings.

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