Although only available on prescription at the moment, British scientists think tazarotine and tretinoin (whose active ingredient is related to vitamin A) can effectively reduce visible wrinkles, especially those caused by sun damage.


Dont get me wrong. Im not saying that Steve had a right to cheat and mistreat Brittany. What I am saying is that you attract what you unconsciously communicate from whats inside your mind and soul. This is true even if you have a reputation for being a powerful, strong and intelligent person. Your outward appearance displays confidence and strength, but your inward soul may still communicate insecurity and weakness. Your powerful reputation is a persona. Its the role you play every day when you go out into the world, but as you develop true, intimate relationships, the reality of your truth is revealed. The reason you attract unavailable, loveless relationships is because you struggle to accept and give yourself the attention you desperately need. The acceptance and even the toxic love that comes from an emotionally unavailable partner is satisfying because it fills your void of self-love.

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