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Singer Demi knows how to make an impact and her two-tone burgundy lips are one to covet. Start with an oil-based lip scrub to buff, then blot any excess. Use a sharp lip pencil one shade darker than your lipstick to outline the shape, thickening lines at the corners. Layer with lippie, blot, then dust powder over the top and reapply the colour for extra staying power.

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If you’re interested in crafts, it’s a good idea to have a container at your bedside with your craft supplies. This can be the same container from the couch so you can continue working on the same project(s), or a new container for a project you just work on from your bed. This container could include items for scrapbooking, knitting, or drawing. One good bedroom-based craft is a vision board. This will help you focus on the future you want for you and your family. The kit is pretty easy to assemble. Grab some old magazines, tape, glue, scissors, and get a piece of cardboard or foam core. Each day you can cut out words or pictures that resonate with you, slowly adding them to your vision board. At the end of the process, you will have a positive image to look at while in bed that reflects the future you desire, to help you focus on your future versus your current state of bed rest. It could be a good reminder of why you are doing all this hard work.

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