Small Tips For Weight Loss

Little steps to success

How can you get rid of bad habits and create good new habits?

Workout and Fitness has developed strategies to help you make the changes a little at a time. Small changes are usually easier to make than big ones. Lets look at some specific examples, and then we will teach you the workout and fitness techniques Workout and Fitness has developed.

The first step to getting rid of a bad habit is to always enter your level and analyze the problem

If the problem is cigarette smoking, for instance, then analyze and determine when you smoke the first cigarette of the day. Is it when you first wake up? With your cup of coffee? While you are on your way to work?

Program yourself, at your level, to smoke the first cigarette one hour later than this time.

You are not depriving yourself of the cigarette, you are just changing the habit. In effect, you are developing a new habit by smoking the first cigarette one hour later. And it is easier to break a new habit than an old one. An old habit is so familiar that it can be very difficult to part with. It is like a long-time love affair, and breaking up can be difficult. So do it little by little.

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You can change habits in other ways, too. For instance, smoke a different brand of cigarette. This makes it a new habit, which will be easier to break.

Break your habit in 30 days

The following workout and fitness technique is so powerful that it can help cigarette smokers, drinkers, heroin addicts and others end their habit in 30 days. Weve personally met and talked with four people who said they were on heroin when they took the course.

They were so addicted that they would go into the restroom and inject heroin during the breaks in the course! They got off of heroin in 30 days with this workout and fitness technique. Two of those people were so grateful that they became Exercise lecturers, and one of them won the Presidents Cup, the top award that Workout and Fitness presents to lecturers.

How did people, so addicted, kick their terrible habit? They did it at level first. Lets say smoking is the habit you want to break. Heres how you would do it:

First, mark a date on a calendar, 30 days from the present.

Then enter your level and tell yourself mentally that on that date you will stop smoking and will never smoke again in your life.

Enter your level every day and reinforce this programming.

When the 30 days are up, you will not want to smoke anymore.

You can apply this workout and fitness technique to any kind of habit.

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