Smoked Out Winged Liner

Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog he’s a really cool makeup trick that I’ve learned and, I wanted to share with you all. So instead of going with a traditional gel eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner this is using black eyeshadow and just the waterproof pencil eyeliner. So the first step you’ll need to do is prime your eyelids.

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Because we’ll be using eyeshadow and you want the eyeshadow to stay for all day long and then you’ll want a clear piece of tape or you can use anything that will help create a nice sharp edge which you’ll see and then, I just took the piece of tape and then just placed it right underneath my lower eyelashes or eyelid and then just kind of place it where you want the line to be the eyeshadow that I’m using is crap and makeup geek it’s a really great one. Because it’s very easy to work with next you want to use a flat shader brush and just start at the very outer edge of your eye where the tape is placed and don’t go all the way to the inner corner of the eye, I went in about I’d say half way a little bit past half way. Because you wanted to be a very subtle effect and you could take out the wing longer.

If you’d like. So to smoke up the eyeliner, I went back in with just tiny bit more color and just started to blend it upwards towards my crease and just keep doing that until you get the smoked out effect as you’d like and to help set the eyeshadow I’ll be using Mac definitely black Pro Longwear eyeliner and just help set the eyeshadow where we placed it before and to help blend the eyeliner with the eyeshadow I’m using a very tiny Wynn’s eyeliner pencil by Sigma to help blend the two together to make sure that there are no any harsh lines. Because this is a more subtle smokey or winged eyeliner book now here’s the fun part rip off that tape you don’t get to see that nice perfectly shaped eyeliner and just to blend it out trying a bit more, I went back and with the same flat shader brush that, I used before in here, I just wanted to show you a more close-up effect of what it looks like without anything else on and to finish off my eyes, I just put on some mascara and highlighted my brow bone last. But not least are the lips for the first option, I went with is a very nude pink color by Estee Lauder called desirable and 1:20 and, I thought this will give the makeup look a more soft and subtle and sweet effect and here’s what it looks like altogether.

So what do you think put in the comment down below. If you like number one or number – and for my second option, I won with the Chanel lipstick in number 92 with a very pretty fuchsia tone, I think this color is more playful and more daring. If you even want you can go with the bold red or purple. So let me know down in the comments down below which color you liked better and how you like my little eyeliner trick and. If there are any other posts you’d like to see from me and as always thank you for reading my posts.

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