Snowflake Sugar Cookies

1 16‚½-oz. roll store-bought refrigerated sugarcookie dough (or your fave recipe) Parchment paper Snowflake-shaped cookie cutter (available at Bed Bath & Beyond) 1 4‚¼-oz. tube blue gel icing 1 7-oz. pouch white cookie icing Assortment of your fave sprinkles.


1. Chill cookie dough in the freezer for one hour. (It will be easier to work with!)

2. After dough has chilled, preheat oven to temperature listed on the package. Lay down parchment paper on a flat surface, and on top of it, roll out dough so it’s ‚¼- to ‚½-inch thick.

3. Use cookie cutter to press 24 snowflake shapes into the dough. Place cookies one inch apart on two baking sheets. Bake according to package instructions.

4. After cookies have completely cooled, gently remove them using a spatula‚ and have fun decorating!

Snowflake Sugar Cookies Photo Gallery

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