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Future plans Sofía Vergara

We will be opening a new branch in Sri Lanka soon. The journey has been a dream come true. At 18, I was a shampoo boy, today I am here.

This industry makes sure that if you are a good teacher, the possibilities are limitless.

Hair Speak Family Salon

Driving Operational Excellence Sofía Vergara

Sanjoy Saha, Managing Director, Hair Speak Family Salon in Bangalore, shares business plans, marketing strategies, views on training, and more, with Salon India

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Professional insights I have studied Advanced Diploma in hair from Toni&Guy, Singapore, and done several courses from reputed colleges in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Milan. I also hold an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology from City & Guilds. I have worked with many reputed brands before launching my own salon and academy in 2015. I started with four salons and today, have 10 salons and an academy.

Challenges faced

The initial six months were challenging as I had to deal with manpower and establishing our brand name, as both were at a nascent stage. But, we were passionate enough to translate them into strengths.

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