Soft-Boiled Bean Curd


1/2 lb. bean curd

1 oz. Sesame oil.

16 Sichuan peppercorns.

1/2 cup clear broth.

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2 oz. Sugar.

1 tsp. Each scallion and ginger chopped.

1 tsp. Sherry.

2 tbsp. Soy sauce To Prepare:

1. Cut bean curd into big cubes, and cook in water over a low fire. When the cubes float, remove from heat and drain.

2. Heat sesame oil, fry Sichuan peppercorns until they turn golden brown. Discard the cooked peppercorns and preserve the oil. Add sugar to the pan and cook over a low fire until it turns red. Add the bean curd and stir lightly to stain the cubes. Add scallion and ginger, soy sauce, sherry, broth and sugar, and simmer briefly over a low fire. Make small holes in each cube with a chopstick to help absorb the seasoning. Stii to prevent burning. Boil until the bean curd turns red, sprinkle peppercorn oil and serve.

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