Hey guys walk back to my blog today’s post was highly requested by you guys, and it’s my updated hair care routine, I’m showing you guys from wet to dry and this is the summer edition, I’m going to be sharing with you all of my secrets my tips and tricks my favorite products but you guys will have to let me know what yours are as well but let’s go ahead and get started there’s summertime.


I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible. I just try to embrace that natural texture because there’s nothing worse than blow-drying your hair when it’s hot outside. So before. I let my hair air dry detangling is a must since you’re not supposed to brush your hair when it’s wet. I highly suggest using a leave-in conditioner. I swear by this one from Garnier, and it’s their whole blend of five and one lightweight spray smells like apples but. I already went ahead and generously apply this to my hair just.

I looked a little bit more presentable but all. I do is focuses on the mid shafts of my hair and around the nape of my neck where. I get most of my knots then with a wide tooth comb. I just gently comb out my hair starting from the bottom working my way up and the knots just slide right out this product has saved me it is so much frustration. So much hair and. So much time the only downside to this is it’s extremely slippery when it gets on your tile floors I’ve had a couple near wipeouts. So, I’m just warning and sometimes, I’m just having way too much fun in the summer you know you have the windows down your hair is blowing maybe.

I was at the beach. I got sand in my hair. So for those days where. I have those really stubborn tangles. I like to go in with my AG fast food leave-in conditioner. I use this more in the winter time just because my hair is drier but. I do love it for those stubborn not.

. So I just apply a quarter sized amount to my hand and, I work it in the mid chefs of my hair the nape of my neck and then any excess. I just bring down to the ends of my hair and this guy also helps with preventing frizz.. So I don’t know about you guys but when. I let my hair air dry a la mer brassiere. So this helps control that.

So now that my hair is prepped and tangle free. I usually utilize the warm weather I’ll head outside for a walk and just let my hair air dry but before. I do that. I will you guys know what. I used to wash my hair, I’m not particularly picky about my shampoo and conditioner but initiate whoo. I just look for something that lathers my hair doesn’t leave any residue on it lose it feeling clean and smells good. So lately I’ve been using the Garnier triple nutrition fortifying shampoo with avocado olive oil and almond oils.

I love this stuff. So far it smells really great, and it’s been cleaning my hair very well rarely do. I ever have the same shampoo and conditioner. I always run out of my conditioner first. I think. I use it very heavy handedly. I love using conditioner but the one that.

I have right now is the garden handhold lens refreshing conditioner and green apple and green tea. So this matches the leave-in conditioner but this stuff leaves my hair feeling very hydrated and it smells really great and it doesn’t leave any residue on my hair. So that’s all. I can ask for my laughs just got soaked because these were just in my shower and they are still wet these next two products are shower essentials and the first one is my Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo yes. I get dandruff. So this helps control my dandruff keeps my psoriasis at bay and all. I do is.

I use a dime sized amount and, I focus it mostly on my hair line and just really work it in and, I leave it on for about three minutes while. I apply this next product. So the next product is key for any blondes out there and it is the Clairol shimmering lights purple shampoo since. I only get my hair colored like once every six months. I definitely need to use something to remove any brassy tones out of my hair. So that’s where this comes in. I love this stuff.

I use it every other time that. I wash my hair leave it in for about three minutes and then, I’m left with really nice cool tone hair and then. I just rinse out that Nizoral in the purple shampoo and, I make sure to really rinse it out to the best of my ability and since the Nizoral in the purple shampoo really dry out your hair. I like to go in with a hydrating mask and the in shower mask that. I like to use is the Garnier whole blends repairing rinse out mask this is a super thick buttery texture. I don’t put this all over because it will weigh your hair down because it is so hydrating but. I just focus it on the mid-chest of my hair and most definitely these ends and then if, I’m having a pamper night me time we’re going to give you a ton of hot tools on my hair that week then.

I like to go as my Brio Jo don’t despair repair deep conditioning hair mass this is more of a lightweight hair mask. So you can use this all over it’ll help hydrate your scalp and the roots of your hair but. I still use a conditioner after this because this is more just for repairing. So, I’m just going to loosen up the roots a little bit and then, I’m going to head outside for about 25 minutes and speed up this drying time and back to my walk about 30 minutes has passed and my hair is almost dry my roots are still damp and underneath is as well oh and by the way. I don’t usually go for walks like fully glammed if my neighbors saw me they’d be like who are you usually. I just roll out of bed and go but, I’m sure you later today and, I was posting..

So I have all this makeup on but a lot of time. I will just rock my hair like this but. If I want to look a little more put together maybe. I have somewhere important to go and, I do like to either straighten it or curl it. So you live somewhere humid like. I do and you want to curl your hair it’s super important to make sure that your roots are completely dry or your hair will get frizzy throughout the day. So just going to take my blow-dryer and roughly blow-dry my roots until they are completely dry and one of the reasons why.

I do part my hair. So far on the side is because. I have a couple colleagues at my hairline.. So I do like to just direct my nozzle against them to help flatten them out and like. I mentioned earlier blow-drying your hair in the summer time sucks. If you need to do it.

I find the quickest way to really dry your roots is to just keep your hair moving.. So I like to pick up large sections of hair and just direct the heat right onto the roof oh and on my walk today. I started listening to off the vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe her podcast it’s actually quite hilarious she’s from The Bachelorette but she is just unapologetic herself. I love the Sunnah podcast when. I go for walks but. I really enjoy like true crime and that doesn’t mix very well when you’re walking in the woods.

So you guys have any podcast that you think. I would like leave your suggestions down below it would be greatly appreciated. So after. I blow-dry my hair it does dry relatively straight a lot of time I’ll just wear it like this I’ll go in and I’ll touch-up these under pieces with a hair straightener just to make them nice and smooth and sleek but a lot of time. I like to Brok like that effortless curl even though it takes a lot of effort but. I find that it has the most minimal upkeep. So my tool of choice use days to curl my hair is my one and only Conair one and a quarter inch curling iron.

I think one of the reasons why. I always go back to this guy is because it can give you really nice curling iron curls or it feels like a wand like. I usually do one of the many reasons why. I usually use it like a wand is because the clamp that holds it up that laughs want to move. I lost it and now these pins always pop out on the side and one of the curling irons on it’s super hot to push them back in but it works great as a wand and it was only ten bucks on Amazon. So it can’t really complain what, I’m curling my hair. I like to work in sections.

So my first one is going to be just above my ears. So lately. I like to have all my curls just going away from my face. I find it most flattering. So what, I’m going to do is just grab about a one-inch section and, I’m going to point my wand down or my curling iron and you want to leave the hair flat on the barrel and then, I’m just going to wrap it away from my face and at the bottom. I like to leave out about an inch or two. I just wanted to give you that more like effortless appearance and then with this curling iron.

I usually have to hold it for about 15 seconds it’s a little bit slower when it comes to heating up my hair then you just let it go and leave it to cool. If I want more formal curls I’ll curl all the way to the end and then. I will just gather these up and pin them a bobby pin and then hairspray in the last all night long. So I’ll show you one more time on this sides just got a one-inch section direct your wand down and then wrap your hair away from your face and leave out about an inch or two of bottom. So when, I’m doing these soft curls for the rest of my head. I just repeat the exact same process next. I will section my hair off at my temples and, I just keep all of my straight hair behind my shoulders and then.

I bring one inch sections forward as. I curl them and then leave all the curls in front of my shoulders. I find it’s the easiest way to not miss any hair at all but once you start doing it it’s actually quite quick and easy just remember to direct the barrel down wrap the 1 inch sections away from your face working your way to the back of your head and just ensure that the hair is nice and flat on the barrel and a quick tip that. I find helpful is when you are curling your back section is that. I pulling them over your shoulder and curling them to curl them behind your head. I find you’re going to get a more pronounced curl, and it’s going to last longer throughout the day and once. I reach my part.

I find it most flattering to start the bend right at my eyebrow and then for my bangs. I get a lot of questions on how I style them but. I just repeat the exact same steps work in one-inch sections and, I go horizontally across curling all the hair away from my face but. I probably only hold it for about 5 seconds and once my whole head is curled and cooled then. I like to go in with a light mist of hairspray and, I’m sure you guys know which ones my Loreal Elnett satin extra strong hold hairspray. I love this one because it gives you that strong hold without the crunch and without making your hair wet.

So just a couple light sprays all over more like a mist of hairspray. I used to complain about the scent of this before but not reminds me of my nanny my grandma.. So I actually really liked it. So now it’s time to ruin a whole of my hard work if, I’m going for more feminine hairstyles I’ll usually it like this but. I like to go for that effortless casual look..

So I just go in with a comb and just really gently comb out all my curls that’s what’s. So great about that hairspray is it’s going to help hold the shape of the curls as you brush them out and feel free to no touch it up sometimes. I like to touch up the front of mine if it falls up a little too much but. I really love like this really loose wave and to afresh in my hairstyle up throughout the week and give me more volume you guys know how much. I love dry shampoo specifically it’s a batiste dry shampoo in original now some of you have commented and said that this isn’t strong enough for your oily hair. If you guys use dry shampoo and you have a favorite leave it down below. So we can help each other up but, I’m just going to do some quick sprays throughout my roots and just work it in with my fingers and it helps to add volume absorb oil without leaving behind a residue but it does leave behind a white cast if you use too much but.

I like that because it lightens up my roots and then if my hair is looking a little dry throughout the week if it needs a little more life added to it I’ve been loving this Garnier triple nutrition miraculous oil you can add this to wet hair or dry hair and you guys it smells like candy. I am obsessed.. So I just put a tiny bit into my palm work it in warm it up and then. I just really focused it on the ends of my hair, and it’s just going to help add shine, and it’s full of protein. So it’ll strengthen your hair as well it seriously smells. So good.

I love it and then. I like to apply hair spray directly onto this comb and just smooth as these baby hairs but to be honest. I usually forget and they’re just all crazy in my posts. So there you have you guys all of my hair secrets are up that is my updated hair routine for summer and how I achieve my everyday soft waves that. I usually start my hair tutorials off with I’d love to hear your hair secrets and your favorite products that you’re currently using in your hair care routine or anything that you think that. I would like and should try.

I think really utilizing the nice weather while you have it and allowing your hair to air dry is just a great way to give your hair a detox that’s basically how my hair grew for the longest time it would only ever grow just past my shoulders and then one summer. I committed it was after grade 12. I remember. I just went completely heatless. I stopped using hot tools and the hair grew. So much. I just embraced my natural texture.

I have a ton of tips and tricks. I should make a post on that but I’ll also link like my favorite heatless hairstyles down below. I have a full playlist if you guys want to do like a summer heatless hair detox it’ll all be down below and you’ll also find all the products. I talked about linked down below as well but. I really hope that you found this post helpful if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below let me know what you thought let me know if you have any plans for this summer i’d love to hear. I just love chatting with you guys but yeah thanks. So much for reading and I’ll talk to you guys next time bye you.

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