Soup Recipes

How can you have a satisfying meal that leaves you feeling full, but without a high Smart-points value? Start your meal with soup. The water in soups increases a size of the portion without increasing energy content.

It has been proven that eating soup more often reduces the risk of obese. People who start their meal with soup eat up to 20% fewer Smart points.

Simple Tomato Soup.

Time: 30 mins Number of servings: 6 Point value per serving: 3


Two 15-oz cans diced tomatoes with all juice.

Four whole sun-dried tomatoes but choose not oil-packed.

Two and a half cups vegetable stock.

Two and a half tbsp butter.

One chopped onion.

One chopped carrot.

One rib celery, chopped too.

Two tbsp all-purpose unbleached flour.

One tsp dried basil.

One tsp salt.

Half tsp dried marjoram Pinch of baking soda Half tsp freshly ground pepper.


Start with sauteing onion in your Instant Pot for two minutes.

Then add carrot, marjoram, celery, and basil. Saute for four minutes.

Now add the flour and cook for a one minute.

Add the rest of the ingredients and close the lid.

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Select the Manual function to cook on high pressure for eight minutes.

Make a natural release of pressure. Then blend your soup until smooth in your blender or food processor.

Serve and enjoy!

Time: 40 mins Number of servings: 8 Point value per serving: 3


Four cups beef stock.

Half pound diced baby bella mushrooms.

Half cup pearl barley.

One small onion, diced.

One diced celery stalk.

One diced carrot.

Two chopped garlic cloves.

Two thyme sprigs.

One sage sprig.

Half tsp of salt.

Pinch of fresh ground pepper.

Pinch of garlic powder.


Place all mentioned above ingredients in your Instant Pot.

Select the Manual function to cook at high pressure for twenty minutes.

Make a natural release of pressure for ten minutes, after that make a quick release.

Stir well.

Serve and enjoy.

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