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Our next guest in this series, where we invite prominent people to share their most powerful reads, is award-winning South African singer Lira. Here, she tells us about the book thats made a lasting impression on her

Whats the title of the book? Mind Power into the 21st Century by John Kehoe. How old were you when you read it? I was 23, a signed artist with my first album to my name, a music video on television, a SAMA nomination and seven songs from my album on high radio rotation, but I was broke and broken. How did you come across the book? I had reached a point where I was asking myself: What is the mind for? Believe it or not, I genuinely didnt know the purpose of the mind. During this time, I randomly came across Mind Power after walking into Exclusive Books to look at magazines. What did it teach you? It taught me that the mind is a powerful and creative tool, and that my experiences are the result of my beliefs. I learnt that I could change my experiences by changing my beliefs. It therefore gave me the tools to create the life and circumstances I wanted, and ultimately to build my brand. What emotions did it inspire in you? I was empowered.

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I was given the tools to realise my dreams. The results were almost instant. It changed my whole outlook on life. I even attended a workshop by John Kehoe to better understand how to implement the teachings contained in the book. It has become a way of life for me. I always envisage how I want things to unfold and use armations to ground myself firmly in that vision. I use my imagination to place myself there and remain positive instead of letting life toss me about. What did you think after youd turned the last page? I was deeply challenged to step out of everything that I thought I knew about life. I took a leap of faith and applied the lessons from the book because at that stage I had nothing more to lose.

I committed myself to the process and it really bore results, which made me even more enthusiastic about keeping it up. Did it influence your views about an issue or a place or person? It completely changed my life. It freed me and gave me the tools to create the life I wanted. Since then I have used Kehoes teachings in everything I do, from relationships to my finances, projects, lifestyle and health. Is there a quotation or a fact in it that made a lasting impression on you? The message that we are completely responsible for the state our lives are in.

That we are the cause of everything in our lives. Youre either conscious of this or not. Using the tools that I found in Mind Power, I learnt to take control, to drive and direct the events and experiences in my life. In a way, it was a magical discovery that excites me to this day. It made for less stress and fear in my life, and opened me up to more enjoyment and adventure.

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