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This great special occasion updo what I love about this hairstyle is that you can wear it for so many different events but I also like it because it has this great classic look to it while still having a braid and a little bit of messiness the best thing about it is that it comes together in just a couple of easy steps so let’s go ahead and get started our first step you’re going to create a side part and a lace braid I chose a lace braid for this hairstyle because it gives a more loose effortless look start by parting your hair just over the arch of one eyebrow then I’m going to create a lace braid you’re going to do that by picking up a few sub hair and splitting it into three sections then you’re going to braid underneath with each of those sections this creates the 3d look of the braid start adding in hair just like you would do in a French braid the difference is this time we’re only going to pull in hair from the top that way you get this nice hanging looking braid so each time I braid over from the top I’m going to add a new hair I’m gonna continue doing that until.

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I reach the end of my part once I’ve got that done I’m just gonna braid the rest of the hair normally then at the end of the braid I’m just gonna secure it with an elastic now for step two we want to add a lot more volume to the braid so that becomes a big statement in the hairstyle the way I’m going to do that is by using these Schwarzkopf stylist little team biotin volume and texture magic volume powder I’m going to sprinkle this on the braid starting at the bottom and working my way up then I’m going to massage each piece of the braid this comes both from the technique and the powder the massaging technique really helps to kind of fluff out the braid and palling just gets that extra little bit of volume that you want so kind of combine those two techniques together and you’re gonna see this braid really come to life now that we have this great braid on one side let’s add in a little bit of playfulness on the other side do this by just adding in a couple of curls take sections of hair and wrap them away from your face.

I did about five curls in total you really only have to curl the side of your head because everything else is going into an updo so why spend the extra time when you don’t need to we’re just gonna curl this side and you’re gonna see that it’s gonna add a lot of movement and body and give a little bit more drama to the hairstyle that it wouldn’t have otherwise so now that you have all the curls in place let’s just miss them with a bit of hairspray to make sure that they say looking fabulous that the rest of this updo I’m going to use the stylist old team biotin volume and texture h2o free hairspray I’m just going to miss this over the area and scrunch you’re gonna see that really augments the wave that.

I made and it’s also going to help it stay throughout the rest of this hair and now that the front of your hairstyle looks great let’s move on to the back we’re gonna pull all this hair up into a ponytail once you’ve gotten everything secured we’re going to loosen it up just a bit make sure not to pull too hard on the hair so you don’t end up with any unwanted flyaways and now it’s time to really bring this look to life we’re going to split your ponytail in half and then we’re going to dust it again this is going to add volume to your hairstyle it’s also going to make it a little bit easier to do our next step now I want you to create a bear claw with your hands we’re going to use this to backcomb through your hair and you can see as we do this this creates a lot of volume and lots of texture this is a combination of the powder doing its job and the technique really really working so I want you to do that to both halves of your ponytail and then we’re ready to move on to putting this bun together I want you to twist one half of the ponytail make sure not to twist too tightly or else you’re going to destroy all the backcombing that you did.

I want you to wrap the hair into a bun it’s great if it looks a little bit disheveled and messy that’s really going to add to the look once you have it in the shape you want it go ahead and add in as many pins as you need to hold it in place now to finish this off you’re going to do the same thing on the other side so again twist loosely and then wrap it into a bun you want the bun to sit right next to the first one that we made and so close that it looks like it’s part of the same giant fun and then use your bobby pins to hold everything in place and now I’m going to finish everything off with some product I love this hairspray because it’s super weightless you don’t even feel it on the hair but it’s adding that hold and it’s working for you all day long and now for a great lustrous shine I’m going to use the Asansol team at diamond color and radiance shine boost tonic I’m just going to mist it lightly over the whole hairstyle this is a great last step to give your hair its final polish and that is it for this hairstyle I love that it’s great for so many different special events it has a great classic look to it but it’s also a little bit more modern in that it’s got that disheveled texture and I love it I hope you guys do too and I hope that you try it out if you do make sure to send me pictures on social media using the hashtag Kaley Melissa I’ll see you guys in my next post bye you.

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