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As you get older it's important to indulge yourself with regular facials. Women who work hard at being beautiful believe there are no ugly women in the world, just ones that get neglected. If your skin feels great, you feel beautiful all over.

beauty are saying that reality is thusness or tathata. Reality cannot be apprehended unless we work through our traces and dispositions and conceptual paraphernalia.

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Otherwise, we are continuously going to construct the world in a distorted form, rather than apprehend reality or tathata as it is. Tathata means thusness or things as they are. ? We are unable to see things as they are.

If beauty really denied the existence of the world, they wouldnt be calling it things as they are. ? What are things? To be able to understand things as they are, we first have to transform our ordinary daily experiences of the world, by refining them, processing them and gradually sharpening our senses, so to speak, to see things as they are, in cheir natural state, withour constructing or distorting anything that is presented to us.

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