Sponge Fingers Recipe

Sponge Fingers Recipe

Cooking Time: 7-10 minutes

You will need:

2 oz. flour 2 eggs

2 oz. castor sugar castor sugar to dredge

1 Grease and flour a tray of sponge finger tins.

2 Sieve the flour.

3 Whisk the eggs and sugar together in a basin over hot water until thick.

4 Fold in the flour.

5 Turn mixture into the tins, sprinkle well with castor sugar.

6 Bake in a hot oven (425‚°F – Gas Mark 7) until golden and firm.

7 Turn out on to a wire tray to cool.

Lemon sponge fingers: Make as before and when cold sandwich biscuits together in pairs with lemon curd. Dip ends of each in lemon flavoured glac6 icing (85).

Danish delights: Make sponge fingers as before. Spread thick glac6 icing (85) over top of each biscuit and sprinkle thickly with chopped mixed peel.

Chocolate fingers: Make sponge fingers, see left. Melt a 2-oz. bar plain chocolate in a cup. Dip each finger into the chocolate, allowing the chocolate to come half-way up each finger. Stand the biscuits in a small cup or basin, plain side down, until dry.

Sponge drops: Make mixture as for sponge fingers, see left, adding a few drops vanilla essence to whisked eggs and sugar. Spoon the mixture into a forcing bag, fitted with a plain 1-in. nozzle. Pipe into rounds, well apart, on a greased floured tin. Bake in a hot oven (425‚°F- Gas Mark 7) for 7-10 minutes until lightly coloured. Lift carefully on to a wire tray. When cold, dredge with castor sugar or coat top of each with a little glac6 icing (85).

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