1 lb. soft bean curd (if available)

3 tbsp. vegetable oil A few dried shrimp soaked in water

1 tsp. wine

1 tsp. soy sauce

1 cup broth

Salt to taste

A pinch of cornstarch dissolved in water To Prepare:

1. Cut bean curd into long strips, parboil.

2. Heat oil over a high flame, add dried shrimp and stir. Add wine, soy sauce, broth, salt and bean curd slices and season. Bring to a boil, add the dissolved cornstarch and serve.


These are a mixture of repeats at various distances within the same session. They usually start with shorter reps gradually building in distance until a maximum is achieved, then they decline in distance back to the starting point. A sample ladder routine could be: 1 x 400m, 1 x 800m, 1 x 1200m, 1 x 1600m, 1 x 1200m, 1 x 800m, 1 x 400m Ladders are nice because they mix up pace and distance. They also give you a goal to strive for. In the previous example, that goal would be making it to the 1600m repeat, knowing that every repeat after that point will be shorter in distance. That can be encouraging in a hard session, compared to someone stuck doing 4 x 1600m, with the understanding that each distance hair makeup is exactly the same. Try to Schedule Rest Days after Your Hairstyles DaysYou have to give yourself time to recover. Don’t try to put in two Hairstyles days in a row. If you want to Just Hair Makeup the day after a workout, make it something short and relatively easy. Your body needs and deserves the rest.

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