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To thumbwalk, hold your two thumbs straight up and bend one at a time at the first joint Repeat several times.

To rotate, place your thumb on part of your hand and gently rotate it on the spot Try exerting a little more pressure.

The therapeutic movement is on the firm downward press with your thumb bent. Straight medium haircut Use one hand only.

To fingerwalk, use the index finger The technique is as for thumbwalking but using one or more fingers.

To pinpoint, use your thumb and fingers. Move them together and apart, like a pincen then press in the thumb.

To hold and support, use one hand to hold the foot securely.This will help you give more sensitive treatment.

Getting Relaxed

Make sure that you find a comfortable position for the person whose feet you are going to treat.They may be lying on a sofa, with cushions to support their back, head and neck in one corner, and their feet at the opposite end so that you can reach them easily. If they are sitting in an armchair, find an upright chair or stool of a suitable height and support their legs with a cushion. Be sure you sit comfortably too.

Slide forward as you straighten your thumb.The technique is sometimes called caterpillar walking.

Continue the fingerwalking exercise, but this time keep the three middle fingers together

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