Stress check self-assessment

stress: a twenty-first century problem

Stress affects everyone. It is a necessary and essential part of our lives, an inevitable result of the interaction between us and our environment. We need stress to be able to adapt to the continual changes of our environment and to keep us on our toes in order to survive.

Just as a car can be serviced and tuned for peak performance and to avoid or reduce problems and breakdowns, so too can our bodies be prepared to run smoothly and perform well. Such self servicing includes learning the skills to deal with stress effectively so as to avoid the ugly side of stress, reduce the bad and promote the good. An essential step in this process is to gain awareness and understanding of the stress concept. This is what this part of the blog is about.

To tune a car you must know how it works and be able to recognize the symptoms of both a poorly tuned and properly running engine. Tuning your ability to deal with stress means understanding what stress is, how it affects the body and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress.

Once you have gained this knowledge you must then acquire the tools to carry out the necessary adjustments. You can learn the skills to review, adjust and tune your behaviour, attitude and lifestyle in Part Three of the blog.

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