Boredom, frustration, distress, pressure, poor performance, decreased productivity, failure, headaches, indigestion, colds, unhappy and disharmonious relationships.


Ulcers, heart attacks, cancer anxiety, depression, nervous breakdown, suicide.

becoming Stresswise is the way to maximize your own natural resources to reduce the bad and avoid the ugly sides of stress and at the same time take advantage of the good side of stress

The story of Frank

Frank joined a Stresswise course as a last attempt to deal with his emotional problems which had led him to the point of nearly selling his company.

He described his lifestyle and behaviour before joining the course. I am very involved in work, have no social activities, get frustrated with employees, have difficulty in delegating and letting someone else do my job, and cannot relax. I am lucky I have an understanding, loving and supportive wife.‚

His wife Helen described him as totally disorganized, dashing about everywhere and getting nowhere. He is impatient, easily loses his temper over the least thing and does not have much tolerance with anyone. When driving, if a motorist did anything Frank thought he shouldn’t have done then Frank made sure the motorist knew about it. He would even stop and hold the traffic up to tell them so. He drives from A to B in the shortest possible time.‚

Six months later Frank described how his life had changed as a result of being Stresswise. I have calmed down considerably and control my temper much better. I drive more slowly and take time off work to do my own personal things which never happened before. At work I have delegated and left the responsibility to others and sit back and think before making a final decision. I threw my telephone bleep away and started going home earlier and did things around the house. I rearranged my personal commitments that were causing me considerable stress.‚

Helen confirmed much of his evaluation. He still does not have a lot of tolerance but doesn’t fly off the handle at the least thing like he used to. At work he has let people, particularly his foreman, do the job they were employed to do without interfering too much. He is much more content to spend time at home than he ever was. His driving is impeccable, he doesn’t exceed the speed limits or lose his temper with other drivers.‚

A year after starting the course, Frank has maintained his new lifestyle. He told the group, Since I started the course I have relaxed tremendously; I feel a different person. I was a workaholic when I first came on the course; I couldn’t leave work alone. I’ve just been on holiday for three weeks; the first time in my life I’ve been away from work for three weeks. When my foreman lost a major contract I did not blow my top, instead

I talked it over with him constructively. Since then he has pulled in a lot of work. I do not mind losing contracts if it means I feel the way I do now. You cannot put a price on how I feel now compared to a year ago. I have let go of the reins and let my foreman take the responsibility which I had never been able to do in the past. I make a real effort to get home earlier and do things

I never did before such as gardening and preparing the evening meal for Helen when she gets home from work. My driving manner is much better. I drive slower. I see more of life; more of the countryside, I never thought I would get to that stage.‚

Frank believes it was his newly gained awareness and understanding of stress that helped him find his own way to deal with it. He knew how stress was affecting him, how he could identify it in himself and how to identify the sorts of things that caused him distress. He was then able to employ the appropriate coping skills to deal effectively with his own situation.

Teach Yourself Managing Stress will assist you in doing this. We cannot prescribe a programme of stress management specifically tailored for you as an individual but we can give you the knowledge and practical guidelines so you can decide for yourself what you need to do and how you should go about it.

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