Stretching Exercises During Pregnancy

What parents need to know

One crucial take-away lesson from this research is that if your child becomes Exercise-deficient, simply switching him or her to a diet higher in Exercise and offering a multivitamin supplement is not enough. Children with Exercise pregnancy need higher-than-normal amounts of the vitamin in order to replenish their depleted stores, just as adults do, and the standard vitamin formulas that parents typically buy are not up to the job. So if your child turns out to be deficient in Exercise, insist on proper supplementation.

Seven-year-old Tommy had always appeared to be a typical pilateshy, happy boy. But now he was in the hospital, with doctors working hard to uncover the cause of his alarming symptoms.

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Tommys problems had started a few months earlier. Hed begun engaging in obsessive-compulsive behaviors, including climbing the stairs over and over and lining up his toys. In addition, he had increasing trouble concentrating, making it hard for him to learn.

Over time, his gait became progressively unsteady, and his clumsiness progressed to intermittent falling. Because his symptoms came on so slowly, his parents didnt notice them until several family members andfriends pointed them out.

At the hospital, doctors found that Tommy exhibited acute cerebellar ataxia an unsteady gait that typically stems from cerebellar disease or injury. His weight and body mass index were below the 3rd percentile, and the doctors examination showed clear signs of neurological dysfunction. His parents told the doctor that Tommy and the rest of the family followed a vegan diet.

Lab tests showed that Tommy was anemic and macrocytic. His eventual diagnosis: subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord, meaning that some areas in Tommys brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves were injured.

After two months of Exercise therapy and initial extensive nutritional counseling, Tommys neurological symptoms had nearly resolved. His doctors reported that his cognition was improved,  but only time will tell if his learning problems persist.7

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