In the auditorium setting with an orchestra it was more likely to see certain women in the audience, usually a courtesan of some sort who could enjoy a risque show with their partner with no worry of reputation or scandal.

Thanks to the sixties and seventies with rock and roll and the free love era, sexual expression through dance lost some of its stigma and gentlemen clubs were able to pop up in many locals and several more neighborhood bars opened, with their success depending on a good stripper night.

The music of today takes everyone into the club.nNot only has the hip-hop sound created a beat especially for the infamous clap dance, but the music videos are actually filled with live strippers from the hottest clubs in the area. One of the best things about the progression of stripping is that it is no longer something that is in one lane. There are now so many styles of clubs, with an array of atmospheres to choose from. The prim and proper can find their niche. There now classes around the country in local fitness center offering instruction on pole dancing, These classes are filled with respectable ladies who are willing to learn the ancient art.

In the next installment we will attempt to find out when strippers started wearing money instead of jewels.

How Expensive Is Your Taste?

Most Expensive Champagnes:

Louis Roederer- Cristal Brut 1990 “Methuselah” ($17,625)

In 2005 one bottle sold at auction in NY for this price to an undisclosed buyer. Critics claim Jay-Z’s personal Cristal endorsement helped hike the price up leaving it as one of the most expensive bottles to date.

Pernord-Ricard- Pierrer-Jouet

($50,000) – Only 100 sets of this wine was ever made, composed of twelve bottles. Each set costs $50,000 but in order to buy it you must travel to Eastern France, the only place it is sold.

Dom Perignon-1995 White

Gold Jeroboai ($40,000)

This limited edition bottle is not expensive because of the brand, or the wine itself, but for the three liter bottle made of pure white gold.

Heidseick- Shipwrecked 1907($275,000) These bottles, whose roots trace directly to the Heidseick vineyard in the Champagne region, never reached their intended destination to the Russian imperial family. In 1997, divers found 200 bottles which were sold to elite guests at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton for a hefty amount.

Armand de Brignac Midas

‹“Nebuchadnezzar ($315,000)

Recently, a UK businessman spent over a quarter million dollars for a bottle of champagne at the Liverpool Playground nightclub. Though this champagne isn’t among the most prestigious brands, the 100 pound bottle was enough to keep the party going all night.


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