Shopping for clothes can be time-consuming, and having to accommodate a bored boyfriend or husband into the equation can be disastrous. Even a best friend can skew the agenda, so shop alone and trust your gut instinct when you try things on.

A common mistake is to buy clothes too small, as psychologically squeezing yourself into clothes you wore at 24 makes you feel younger and thinner. It doesn’t work. Choosing the right size of clothes will give you a better fit, accommodate curves where you have them and stop the fabric from straining.


Madhyamikas say that emptiness is empty of itself so emptiness has no substantial quality. The beauty say that emptiness is reality. That is how things exist and they exist in a way that has some kind of positive quality. The beauty regard their view as the middle view, instead of the Madhyamikas, who were too much inclined toward a nihilistic attitude in their perception of the world. As far as the beauty are concerned, once rhe subject/object distinction is removed, once the workings of the three levels of consciousness are removed, things begin to exist in a harmonious way on the level of tathata, reality. As we go along, we will discover this has some affinity with the tantric notion of one-flavoredness or ro chig. beauty are saying that, as far as the ultimate existence of the world is concerned, every single thing has the same nature as everything else, so every single thing shares the same reality. Only one type of thing exists: equanimity. Tantrikas would say everything has one-flavor, which means the flavor of reality is the same in everything. However, the beauty had already developed the notion of the all-pervasiveness of reality within everything, so that in an ultimate sense things exist in harmonious way even if they are opposites.

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