SUPER EASY GymWorkout Hairstlye for Short Hair

We’re about to go hit the gym today’s leg day for me.

So, I want to show you guys a really cool hairstyle that is super easy really fast and that will get this hair out of your face. Because, I sweat a lot on my leg days a lot I’m gonna split my hair into two sections right in the middle and then take one of the sections away and put it back with the hair clip. So basically this hairstyle is my rendition of the boxer braids. But no braids involved this is just gonna be those bubble ponytails two of them it’s gonna be super cute very sporty very edgy very cute, I think, I said that already. So I’m just gonna grab sections of hair to be perfect then take clear elastic and tie it off this next step is totally optional. But I’m gonna go for it and Andre forgot to turn his phone off what I’m gonna do is. Because I’m using clear elastics I’m gonna take a little bit of hair and wrap it around each clear elastic that I’m gonna use in my hair and then secure everything with a little mini bobby pin these ones are my favorites this is by the brand Mehta grip their premium mini bop pins they’re.

SUPER EASY GymWorkout Hairstlye for Short Hair Photo Gallery

So good you can find them on Amazon or Sally Beauty see she gives like a cool little look alright. So I’m going to continue adding sections and make sure you add the ponytails from up above into the next section I’m just gonna do the same thing on the other side making sure, I follow the same amount of sections that, I did. So it’s some white even are you correcting me Andre yeah he goes somewhat symmetrical and to wrap the clear elastics, I use the hair from underneath the sections just a tiny little sections from underneath getting let them all right. So what we do here to make it work better put this guy in and we twist them a couple of times. So there’s more friction then we go underneath go to the scale make sure the ridge is out on the scalp and straight in no perfect though gonna work some of the hair fell out. So gonna do this again take the hair twist a couple of times and then underneath ridges on the bottom and yeah and voila good job beautiful good job now comes my favorite part with any kind of breeds plates whatever it is let’s pull it apart to add texture and dimension and more volume of course and create the bubbles. So I’m literally pulling the sections in between each pony tail to create that little bubble very gently you know what, I forgot to add texture spray who’s not even thinking such a rookie mistake and there we have it super easy super cute very bubbly a perfect hairstyle for the gym when you’re gonna get very active more bubbly and gym, I think you will like it you’re gonna pay it this this yeah let’s pin the site after the gym after leg day we’re gonna play a little basketball.

Because, I suck at basketball. So, I want to get that muscle memory of shooting. So Andres teaching me how to shoot watch this professional literature shot let’s see. If you make it let’s see and that’s reality and maybe third time thank you for reading spending time with me and I’ll see you in the next post, I love you all very much bye.

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