SUPER EASY Short Hairstyles Tutorial

Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to my blog today, I want to share with you guys several edgy gym hairstyles that are fairly simple to accomplish and they will withstand working out sweating and just hitting that body nice and hard let’s start. So this hairstyle is going to be 3 or 4 messy buns in the back kind of like a faux hawk. So we need some clear elastics and some bobby pins.

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So the first section I’m just gonna grab as much hair as, I can and just place it right where my crown is and then just create a quick messy bun with a clear elastic and then move it on to the rest of the little bun and I’m gonna try to keep them in one line don’t try to make them too crazy off-center just try to keep it right in the middle after you’re done making the messy buns it will look crazy you can keep it like this and make it look fun. But what I’m going to do I’m going to clean it up just a little bit and secure all three. So basically the lower section to the middle and the middle section to the first or the top section. So just take little sections and just take one or two bobby pins for each side and just secure it all together and there we having for the first edgy faux hawk with messy buns, I love this one just looks. So cool this hairstyle is going to be double french twist for this hairstyle we’re going to be creating a very edgy French twist with two of them. So I’m going to create one on the top and one on the bottom and then I’m gonna accentuate it or accessorize it with bobby pins I’m actually adding bobby pins. Because, I have super short hair right here.

So to hold it all together I’m gonna have to accessorize with bobby pins let’s get started I’m gonna quickly divide my hair into two sections a top and a bottom I’m gonna take some dry texturizing spray and apply it to each section and just tease it a little bit to help when, I do the French twist and rolling it. So it all stays together. Because they are super silky right now. So, I need to add a little bit of texture to it texture and grit. So for the top section I’m gonna basically twist it up. But I’m actually when it’s twisted I’m gonna bring it towards the bottom and just kind of tuck it inside and secure it with bobby pins. So for the bottom lower section I’m actually going to do like a regular French twist I’m going to take it up roll it up and then just tuck it inside and secure it with bobby pins.

So you can leave it like this. If your hair is longer or long enough without any layers I’m gonna take bobby pins and just pin everything in place they’re going to be exposed. So if you’re not a fan on this look, I would just leave it as is or you could add a really cute bandana or a headband to complete the look, I want to quickly show you what it looks like with a cute bandana this hairstyle is going to be super easy it’s going to involve two little twists right here or three and then two little messy buns on each side and the reason why I’m doing two messy buns on each size. Because my hair is short and it looks better you obviously could just do one messy bun in the back or a ponytail or two ponytails whatever you like I’m gonna separate my hair into two sections a right and a left and I’m gonna start creating twists I’m gonna leave some of the hair in the front kind of hang you loose. So it doesn’t look as polished and then just start creating your little twists I’m just grabbing a piece of hair and I’m just gonna twist it up grab a little bit more hair to it and then just twist it up. So, I also once into the twist, I add a couple bobby pins to make sure they’re nice and tight and then, I do the second one and then, I create my messy bun and just kind of configure it with bobby pins. So there we have it for this super simple hairstyle, I love that it’s very edgy it’s textured, and it’s definitely an amazing tight hairstyle that your hair is not gonna go anywhere, I love that this one is very versatile, I can wear it to the gym and then wear it to dinner, I mean yeah that’s what I’m about all righty my lovelies that concludes this post let me know which hairstyle was your favorite let me know.

If you guys want to see these hairstyles in action maybe I’m an instant stories you guys follow me there it’s Mila buco, I upload a lot of exercises that workouts from the gym, I hope you guys like this post and I’ll see you in the next one bye.

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