Super Simple Updo Perfect for Long Medium AND Short Hair

I want to share with you this a very very simple updo it’ll work if you have a long hair medium length hair and it will be especially easy if you have shorter hair it didn’t notice that majority of my hair tutorials are braids.. So I thought. I would switch it up with something that’s really elegant and simple to do no matter your skill level all you need for this hair tutorial are two things first you’ll need about 3 to 4 of these clear thin elastics and a handful of bobby pins the more hair you have the more pins you’ll need if you want more of a softer elegant look like mine then. I suggest curling your hair before hand and, I just noticed that. I missed a big piece.

Super Simple Updo Perfect for Long Medium AND Short Hair Photo Gallery

So we’re just gonna ignore that for this hairstyle we’re going to be creating it to Topsy tail. So just partner as normal and then what we’re going to do before we tie her hair back is draw a line down from the back of your part behind your ears and, I just want to keep these sections forward. So now we can create our first ponytail remember to leave those front pieces separate and just pull the remaining hair back and secure it tightly with an elastic right at the nape of your neck. I like to use my index finger and thumb just to create a hole right above the ponytail and once my index finger and thumb touch. I just flip my ponytail upwards and, I carefully pull it through the hole to create the purse Topsy tail then. I incur my ponytail with my left hand and gently pull upwards on small sections of hair just to create some more volume and give it a more at Tasos look and then. I repeat the same steps on the sides of my Topsy tail as well once you’re happy with that grab those front sections and hold them at the back of your head and before we secure them just pull down any front pieces to help give a softer appearance to the look.

So now secure the ponytail above our previous Topsy tail and just like before flip the ponytail up and through the hole and then. I like to just do it one more time to help create more twists on the sides then take the ponytail and pull it through the hole of our first Topsy tail don’t fast over the appearance of the back most of it will be covered once you create the bun if you have longer hair. I suggest tie an elastic about a hands width down the ponytail it will make creating a bun. So much easier and then one more right at the ends of your hair just to keep them all together okay for the bun hold the ends of the ponytail and begin rolling the hair around itself towards your head imagine rolling it around a roller and then try to tuck the top of the button in between our two Topsy tail if the elastic is visible just like mine just tug on the sides of the bun and it should slide down the hair and become hidden gently tug on the sides of the bun to ensure the back is covered. I think the less perfect the bun the better and once you’re happy with the appearance secure it with bobby pins. I used about 8 just pinning the underside of the bun to the back of my head above my ponytail fiddle around with it and if any pieces fall out just pin them into place. So there you have you guys that is how you achieve this really pretty updo.

I told you guys that it would be simple to do. I feel. So naked with my hair up and an off-the-shoulder top but. I think it looks beautiful if you like this tutorial don’t forget to give it a thumb up comment down below let me know what you guys thought and don’t forget to share your recreations with me on instagram yeah that is all thank you guys. So much for reading and I’ll talk to you in the next post you.

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