Since the recent discovery of the importance of lutein and zeaxanthin on macular health, many nutritional supplements containing them have been formulated. I urge everyone with ARMD to include these supplements in their daily diet in addition to the dietary addition of lutein-rich food. Food is still the best source of lutein, and supplements do just that – add to the available level of nutrients. Lutein is found in abundance in marigolds and sunflowers and protects these plants from sun damage. These flowers provide the source of the lutein used in supplements. Because zeaxanthin is made from lutein, only a small amount is needed as a supplement. It is advisable to take supplements containing lutein at times other than the time you take beta carotene supplements to enhance absorption of the lutein. However, when eating foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, it is fine to mix your greens with squash and tomatoes because, when they are absorbed from food, all the beta carotenes work well together.

Lutein supplementation should be between 10 and 20 milligrams daily. For my patients, I recommend a product called Ocular Function Spray.


This is a spray that is taken orally twice a per day. It contains lutein, zinc, and

bilberry, an herb that is vital to good vision. In addition, Ocular Function Spray has vimpocetine, and Vitamin E. Vimpocetine is derived from periwinkle seed. When 100 patients with arteriosclerosis and eye disorders were treated with vimpocetine, 88 percent had an increase in retinal circulation and improved vision. This formula:

increases blood flow to the brain

improves the utilization of oxygen and glucose

increases the turnover of norepinephrine and serotonin.

The advantage of using a spray form of nutrient is that the nutrients are absorbed immediately into the bloodstream when the liquid is left in the mouth for two minutes. This means that even those with poor digestion can receive the full impact of the nutrients.

How soon should you expect to notice results from adding lutein-rich foods and supplements to your diet? Many people will notice improvement after six to eight weeks. Some will see improvement earlier, while others may not notice much improvement for ninety days or so. The important thing is to begin and maintain. Do not stop after just a short time because there are no dramatic changes. Remember: your condition probably began developing decades before you noticed it. It is normal for it to take a while to respond to these health enhancing measures. You cannot lose because these foods and supplements are the same as those recommended to protect against cancer and heart disease. They are bound to enhance your overall vitality significantly. Please read on to see what else you can do to heal your vision!

Checklist for Step Six

V Memorize the list of foods that feed your eyes

V Introduce one new food from this list per week into your diet

V Order Pure FocusTM and give it a try. (See Resources for ordering information)

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