Sweater Weather Half Updo! Start to Finish Hair Tutorial

Today’s hairstyle is this cute casual easy half up dude that is perfect to throw on with a big baggy sweater especially with the fall coming up you’re going to be wearing a lot of them and it adds in that extra little bit of femininity and polish that sometimes I personally feel like I lose what I’m wearing just a big baggy like potato sack sweater I’m also doing something a little bit different today I’m calling it a start to finish hair tutorial basically I’m going to take you from the very beginning and show you how I prep my hair.

And then how I do the hairstyle because I always prep my hair differently depending on the look that I’m going for I change up the products I use I change up the techniques and I’ve done that for every single one of the hair styles that you’ve seen tutorials on but I’ve never showed you guys that and I feel like that’s sad and I feel like it’s information that could help you so I hope you guys end up finding this to be really helpful for today’s post the look that I’m going for when I prep my hair I’m going for volume dimension.

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But I also wants to preserve smoothness and shine so to do that I’m going to be working with Moroccan oil today for this post and I have been obsessed with this routine that I’ve created with these products for weeks I’ve been using it over and over and over again literally every shower and my hair isn’t looking and feeling awesome so I feel really confident sharing this with you guys and I hope that you guys really like it and let’s go ahead and get started so we’re gonna start off by prepping the hair so I’m actually gonna start with some hair that is damp it’s just been air dried for a little bit while.

I did my makeup and now it is ready for some products and I’m gonna start with Moroccan oil treatment light I’m just gonna apply this through my mid links and ends this is just a great foundation for any hairstyle because it adds smoothness it helps with the tangley and it helps your hair to dry faster all those things are awesome and now I’m moving on to the Moroccan oil thickening lotion and I’m just going to take a quarter sized amount of this wrap up between my hands and then onto my hair this has been my go to volumizing product because it actually expands each hair strand from root to tip so that you get this whole hairstyle that not only feels more full but it looks more full and it does that without adding any sticky residue to your hair.

Which is awesome now I’m going to add some lift to my roots with the Moroccan oil root boost and basically you just shake this one up and then you spray it into the roots of your hair I went with this product because it gives you this really great natural looking fullness to your hair and the volume lasts for a long time I also really love that it has argan oil in it so it’s actually nourishing your carrying your scalp as is giving you volume and then I actually just like to massage this in to make sure that it’s evenly throughout my roots.

And also because I just like scalp massages and once I’m done with that I’m going to move on to a volumizing but quick blow dry I’m actually just going to lift my roots and sections and go ahead and blow dry that to get some extra volume in my hair and I just do that all around my face and then in the crown of my head once I’ve got that done I like to just flip my hair upside down and then just do a rough dry upside down this works for me because my hair is naturally straight but if your hair has a natural wave or curl you could always use a hairbrush to kind of direct your hair and smooth it as you’re drying now that that’s all done.

I’m going to go ahead and detangle it thankfully because of the products I use it actually detangles really easily and you can see my hair is nice and fluffy and ready to go so now we’re just going to add in some curls and this is really easy I’m just going to split my hair in half and clip the top half up and then I’m going to curl all these pieces of hair away from my face I’m using a one inch curling iron for that and I’m just wrapping my hair around and again away from my face now you can do this with a bunch of different curls you can go tighter or looser depending on what you like but you could even do this with straight hair or with your natural wave or curl it really just depends on what you want once that bottom section is done.

I’m dropping down the top one and doing the exact same thing again now you may have noticed these look a little bit ring lady right now but as we style there so the hair these are going to break apart really well so don’t worry and now we’re on to the half updo first I’m actually going to tease the crown of my head just a little bit mostly because my hair likes to split in the back so I’m going to separate the crown section on my head and just lightly p’s it and then once I’ve got the teasing done I’m going to throw it back and then just kind of smooth it out a little bit that’s an optional step you really don’t have to if you don’t want to I just like the extra a little bit of polish that adds so now I’m going to go about four inches back from my hairline and pick up a section from there that might seem like awkwardly far back.

But you’ll see later what we’re going to do with it so grab one section on one side and then do the same thing on the other side now you’re going to take both sections and pull them around to the back of your head and secure them with an elastic now you’re going to take the ponytail that we just made and you’re going to flip it under so that it creates a little twist and I actually did that twice just so the hair was kind of extra twisted and then to loosen it up I just pulled on it and then you can see that creates a much looser twist it looks a little bit more natural and I think a little bit prettier for this style and now we’re just going to add some details to the hairstyle so you’re going to take a little piece of hair from between the hair that’s already pulled back in your hairline and I left just a little bit out that way.

I had something to frame my face with because that’s what I like and then I took it back and I just tucked it into the half do that we already made you’ll see that doing this creates this amazing shape and intricate look without actually having to work very hard then we’re going to do the same thing on the other side to pick up another section of hair while leaving some out and then just tuck it into the half updo that we already made now to finish this thing off I’m just going to pick up the funny tail that we made and the pieces of hair that we tucked in and I’m going to put them all together and then I’m going to wrap a small piece of hair around all of that so it looks like it was all pulled back at the same time.

And I’m just going to wrap this around just like two or three times and once that’s done I’m just going to hold that little section underneath the ponytail that we made and I’m going to pin it in place right there you can stick in as many bobby pins as you need or even a small snap clip it will probably be hidden if you do that and it’s pretty easy to secure that way and now all we have to do is add the finishing touches so first I’m going to brush out these curls so that it opens them up and turns them into nice soft waves I prefer that look because I think it’s beautiful but if you want to leave it a little bit more natural you could just skip this step then I’m going to add in a little bit more of the Moroccan oil treatment light because this also works really well as a finishing product to kind of add that final bit of smoothness and polish that I think this hairstyle kind of deserves so once that is done my hairstyle is complete I love how girly and casual this hairstyle is I think it’s perfect for sledder weather and I also really like getting to show you guys kind of the start to finish of the hairstyle because the products that you use matter and I think it’s important for me to start talking about them so I hope you guys enjoyed that and I hope you guys will come back and check out my next post I’ll see you then one bye.

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