Swimming Exercises For Weight Loss

Use the Three Scenes Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique:

Visualize yourself, the way you are now, in Monitor Number 1, directly in front of you.

Then in Monitor Number 2, towards your left, mentally picture yourself eating in a manner that will help you reach your goal, and imagine your body responding the way you desire.

In Monitor Number 3, still further to your left, imagine yourself the way you desire to be.

Stamp what you want to weigh on one corner of this monitor.

In the corner of the other side, stamp the size of clothing you want to wear.

Hereafter, whenever you think of your weight, always visualize the image that you have created of yourself in this third monitor.

Do this every time you think of your weight.

Exercise 18

The healing power of your mind

God heals and the doctor takes the fee. -Benjamin Franklin

As I understand it, doctor, if I believe Im well, Ill be well. Is that the idea? 

It is. 

Then, if you believe you are paid, I suppose youll be paid. 

Not necessarily. 

But why shouldnt faith work as well in one case as in the other? 

Why, you see, there is considerable difference between having faith in Providence and having faith in you. 

Your body knows how to heal itself

When you cut your finger, your body knows how to cause the cells to grow back together again.

Were not saying that you never need a doctor. If it is a big cut, the doctor can sew it up so that there will not be a scar. Antiseptics can be used to keep it from getting infected. But the actual healing is done by your own body.

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Doctors are often important – even vital – to the healing process, because they can remove any interference to healing so that nature can take its course. They create an environment that makes it easier for the body to heal, and they can keep you alive long enough for the healing to take place.

But the actual healing process is carried out by your body.

You can learn how to help your doctor help to heal your body. There are many things that you can do to speed the healing process besides the usual doctorly advice to take an aspirin, get plenty of rest and call me in the morning.

We will cover workout and fitness techniques in this Exercise to help you relieve pain, control bleeding and hemorrhaging and speed up the healing process.

Most of these workout and fitness techniques are included in the Choose Success home study course available at www.ExerciseCourses.com

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