T Shirt Vs Undershirt Whats The Difference

T Shirt Vs Undershirt So, you wake up you throw in a shirt you look at yourself in the mirror and then you have the legitimate question, Am I wearing an undershirt or am I wearing a t-shirt? One of these is underwear, the other one is perfectly fine for wearing out to casual events, but whats the difference? Guys, thats the subject of todays post. So, what exactly is an undershirt? An undershirt is a sweat rag. The job of the undershirt is to protect your more expensive clothing aka your dress shirts from your own body from the sweat from the oil from the grime. Everything that comes off of your body throughout the day you dont want this transferring on your dress shirt. Because when you put on deodorant, if that were to go directly onto your dress shirt over time, certain deodorants can actually damage your dress shirt.

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So, you would rather damage a less expensive undershirt. So, whats a t-shirt? A t-shirt is a casual outer garment that evolved from the undershirt. So, we go back to the 1920s,30s, we see US military personnel taking off some of their clothing working on the deck of ships sailors to be exact and theyre wearing these undershirts and it started to become a bit more accepted. 1950s, 60s, we saw returning servicemen, again, wearing these undershirts. And it was in 70s and 80s we saw the t-shirts started to evolve. Since the 1990s the t-shirt has become a modern classic and I think is a great addition and almost any mans casual wardrobe. Now, you may be wondering, Carl, where did you get that great-looking t-shirt? My friend Jose Zuniga over at Teaching Mens Fashion sent me the shirt. I have to say it is amazing. This is part of his new essentials line and thats launching this Saturday, July 7th. In the description of this post, Im linking over to the early sign up. You want to join this because hes going to put up the best deal on Saturday. He will go out of stock.

And I have to say that Jose, Juan, and his sister Maria, these “ its an amazing family and these guys care about quality. Jose like me he sees tons of products. If youre not familiar with his my blog, hes got a my blog very similar to mine. Guys, Im linking to it down in the description. Go check out what these guys are doing because theyre building up this clothing line with good quality products, theyre going to cover the base essentials of what you need to look stylish. Case in point, the classic white t-shirt. Guys, this shirt “ this shirt right here its made from 63% bamboo which if youre not familiar with bamboo, its a natural material that is naturally odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. So, what does that mean? It means basically, you can wear this all day youre not going to smell youre going to look good and actually has got a bit of stretch to it. I actually love the way that these shirts feel right in and around the arms. Im not a huge guy, but this shirt looks great. Im actually going to wear it all day. Again, guys, the launching, this Saturday, July 7th with their new essentials line.

Im linking to it down in the description. You want to enter your e-mail get on their early bird list, that way youre notified that way you get the best deal because they are going to sell out fast. Key characteristics that separate t-shirts from undershirts, number one, fabric weight, 5 to 14 oz. 5 oz being very lightweight kind of in the realm of undershirts, but 14 oz very heavyweight. Now, why do you want a heavier weight fabric with a t-shirt? Okay. Whats its going to do is its going to give it a little bit of a better drape. Its going to give an overall look if youre wearing this as outerwear. You want something that isnt going to show all the textures and lines of your body, so t-shirts also the fit of them is going to be a bit looser, but a heavier weight fabric is going to have a very nice drape, its going to give its own little bit of structure. Now, key characteristics that we see with undershirts? Were talking about 2 to 6 oz in weight. This shirt right here, very light very breathable. Now, lets talk about t-shirt colors and patterns. This one right here in black, but you can go with navy, you can go with gray, you can go with white.

Me personally, I like darker solid colors. I think they look a little bit dressier and it work great overall when I wear my dark-colored jeans kind of slim up my overall silhouette. But, guys, you can go with white, I think its a classic color, its going to work great for a lot of you all. I dont wear it too often because, hey, Ive got kids and I dont want to stain it up. I think gray is another underutilized color. The great thing about gray, its a non-color, so its going to pretty much match anything in your wardrobe. Now, lets talk about graphic tees. Graphic tees have been a fashion trend for over thirty years. And I get it, a lot of people want to send the message, they want to wear maybe another companys logo, they want to wear their own companys logo. I think though they are overplayed. So maybe take a step back say, hey, could I actually go for something simpler, something that is just going to make me look great. Undershirt design is going to be very plain.

Were talking solid white variations of gray maybe a black or a dark blue which works fine if youre wearing a dark-colored dress shirt. Why dont we see patterns? Why dont we see bright colors? Why dont we see logos on undershirts? Because the job of the undershirt is to be under a dress shirt and not draw attention to itself. So, when it is appropriate to wear a t-shirt? Guys, you need to understand a t-shirt is a casual item, its never going to be at the same level as a dress shirt so just make sure that the dress code allows for a t-shirt. So, the t-shirt and sports jacket look. I think it can work for certain individuals especially if you have a lot of confidence, if actually you are in a position of power if its your company if you are showing up to an event that, yeah, normally actually everyone else is going to be dressed down you can dress it up a bit, but, again, remember its a very casual look. So, when is it appropriate to wear an undershirt? Anytime you want to protect your more expensive clothing by using it as a layering piece. So, you can wear it with a sweater, you can wear it with a dress shirt, you can wear it with a polo as long as you know that this is underwear. You dont want it to be visible. Now, wait a minute. Why would I want to wear an undershirt with a polo or a t-shirt especially in hot weather? Guys, it all comes back down to protection. So, when you put on that deodorant, again, you spent a lot of money maybe on that graphic t-shirt, you spent a lot of money on that polo or you just dont want sweat stains to come through, guys, an undershirt could solve your problems. And another added benefit something maybe embarrassing to some of you guys is youve got nipples that stand in attention.

Okay. So, if thats an issue, guys, wear an undershirt and its going to keep them a bit more muted. So now, lets talk about t-shirt style. Lets start with the neck. So, when you see crewnecks out there, I think that those are perfectly fine for most situations. But, if you want to build up the chest a bit you want to go maybe for a V-neck, do not go for a deep V-neck, thats reserved for undershirts. Now, lets talk about sleeve length. So, with the t-shirt oftentimes youre going to see a little bit longer of a sleeve versus undershirts in general are all going to be short. But, I think a shorter look on a t-shirt is perfectly fine especially if it fits well in and around the arm. Now, the length of the t-shirt. I like to go no more than 3 to 4 inches past the belt line. I wear my t-shirts untucked and I dont want them to look like a dress.

Now, lets talk undershirt style. You got a lot of options out there, but lets talk about neck style. So, crewneck, and that works fine if youre going to be wearing a necktie or lets say youve got a lot of hair on the chest and its coming out, well, in that case you want to keep it in check with the crew neck. Now, the V-neck. This works great, again, if you dont have a whole lot of chest hair or if youre going to be wearing a shirt that youre going to wear buttoned and left open like I do on a lot of my posts, I choose a V-neck. Now, lets talk about sleeve length. In general, undershirt manufacturers are going to cut the sleeves higher. Why? Because they know this is a layering piece, they want it stay out of the way. So, if you have a shirt and you cant tell is it an undershirt or a t-shirt, well, look at how long the sleeve goes. If it goes about to your mid bicep, it could be a t-shirt. Now, lets talk about undershirt length. Quality undershirts are going to go about 4 to 6 inches past your beltline.

Why are they going to be so long? Because undershirts are meant to be tucked in and longer undershirt is going to stay tucked. All right. So, at this point, you should now know the difference between a t-shirt and an undershirt. Did I miss anything? Would you have added anything to this post? Do you disagree with anything I said? Guys, let me know down in the comments. I want to hear from you. And if you found this post, useful, please share it, pass it around, give it a thumbs-up, give it a like. And, if you want to grab one of these shirts, guys, go sign up for essentials early bird list. Jose is doing awesome job. Im linking to them down in the description. I was very impressed with the product. And I just love seeing him, his brother, and his sister just create this company and build it from nothing. Theyre just awesome entrepreneurs, great people.

And go support them. Just sign up for the e-mail list. Again, you dont want to miss it. Its going live this Saturday. I am linking to it down in the description. When you sign up on that e-mail list, youre going to get the best offer that theyre going to make. And, again, theyre going to sell out very quickly. Just a great shirt. And this white one and this gray one sent to me as well, very good quality. Thats it, guys. Take care. I will see you in the next post.

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