Taco Salad


The Salad prep:

% cup of red cabbage, shredded.

Half of an avocado, cut into slices.

1 cup of spring lettuce.

1 cucumber, sliced.

2 carrots, shredded.

The Taco Mix prep:

Half of freshly squeezed lime.

1 pound of fatty ground beef, organic and grass-fed.

1 teaspoon of dried oregano.

1 tablespoon of cayenne powder.

2 tablespoons of unsalted butter, grass-fed or ghee.

Sea salt

The Avocado Dressing prep:

% cup of apple cider vinegar.

% cup of mCt oil.

1 cup of fresh cilantro, chopped.

% cup of fresh lemon juice.

2 avocados.

4 cups of cucumber, sliced.

Sea salt.

4 spring onions.


1. Using a medium-sized pan, cook beef thoroughly and saute until cooked.

2. Remove the excess fat from the pan and add cayenne powder, ghee or butter, oregano, salt, and lime juice.

3. Take pan away from the fire and just set it aside.

4. Combine the ingredients from the salad and put them onto plates.

5. Top them off with the beef mixture.

6. Place the ingredients of the dressing into a blender and mix until creamy and smooth.

7. Drizzle the mixture on top of the salad.

8. Eat and enjoy.

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