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Reflexology routines

The following pages are a clear step-by-step illustration of the full reflexology routine, which should be performed on your partner before you begin treating specific problems. In fact, the full routine covers most key parts of the body, and includes the spine, toes, chest, abdomen, pelvis and limbs. Depending on how rt is given, it can be an invigorating or relaxing beginning to a treatment.

To see how all these parts of the body are reflected and simultaneously contained in your hands and feet, Teen girl haircuts look at the detailed charts shown at the end of this chapter It is immediately clear that both hands and feet are much more than themselves; they have become highly detailed referral points, in essence being like blueprints to all parts of the body. It obviously takes time to remember the exact wherabouts of all these areas, and to feel confident that you are treating the lungs alone and not, say, the adjacent stomach or even the spleen. Part of the art of reflexology is sensitivity and pinpoint accuracy.

In order to guarantee such accuracy it is important that your hands are not covered with any essential oils or they will glide and slide everywhere, which is not what you want Also note that though this routine runs before more detailed work, it is not something that can or should be rushed. Besides fully toning up your partner; and making sure that their body is fully tuned in and responsive to what is happening, the routine is an excellent way of helping them relax. It gears up the body for what is to come. Interestingly, many patients claim that this is the high point of the treatment; and it can certainly be highly effective. When you start giving such treatment there is invariably a stop-start feel to it as you have to remember precisely what to do next.The joy of working with an experienced practitioner is that one routine seamlessly and effortlessly flows into the next, and your body quickly learns to yield itself up to the continuous waves of well-being that the routine soon imparts.

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