Teens Dressing Older Zendaya Suits Up

Zendaya, 19, has great sartorial sense but sometimes appears well beyond her years in looks like this demure pants-and-tuxedo-jacket ensemble that would make Hillary Clinton proud.

I fell for it. I wanted to believe him, so I decided to trust him and maybe, one day, give him my heart. I only did so because he made me feel so wanted and desired, and it had been a long time since I‚ „d felt those feelings. He made me feel so loved.

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I had been single for a long time, and I didn‚ „t realize how much I longed for love and companionship. Once we were together, he continued to pursue my heart daily. He sent love messages, took me on romantic dates, surprised me with flowers at work, and told me that he envisioned starting a family with me one day.

I finally gave in and opened my heart to Steve.

I started to really trust him, so I gave him all of me, my mind, body and soul. My entire life revolved around Steve. It‚ „s like I started living for him.

If I went anywhere besides work, it was because Steve asked me to go. If I cooked a new meal, it was because Steve wanted to eat it. I couldn‚ „t get him off my mind.

I daydreamed about every little moment with him.

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