Temperature for Contraception

Temperature for Contraception

If you have a raised temperature at any time after the birth call your doctor because you could have an infection in the bladder, uterus, breasts (mastitis) or elsewhere.

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We will discuss that further in the following chapters. Suffice to say that the mind the beauty and tantrikas are talking about is not the mind we normally experience. We experience the temporal, linear sequence of our thoughts and perceptions that take place each moment, but something actually provides the ground for thoughts and images to take place. There is something beyond our temporary experience of thoughts and images. The Sanskrit terms for that are manas and citta. In Tibetan, the term sems nyid is used to distinguish the mind that provides the ground for both subject and object, and sems is used for that ordinary mind of subject and object. Sems and semsnyid are quite different. In Mahamudra, especially, that distinction is made very clearly.

Could you explain the term tantra and place that in the context of general Buddhist thought?

Tantra (rgyud) literally means ‚ “continuity.‚  We could say that you cannot assign any date to the beginning or end of tantra; the tantric experience is something continuous. You cannot say when it began or when it is going to end because it is a continuous situation. However, it is also called Vajrayana. Tantra is a common expression, which is used both by Hindus and Buddhists; while Vajrayana, or the ‚ “diamond path‚  means that the process of continuity is absolutely unshakeable. Again, it is a process rather than the end product of Buddhist practice. It is a continuous journey.

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