We’re back with more crazy and weird Emma’s on beauty products. Because the last one was just so much fun we have more products to test out and all thanks to Milla boo for sponsoring this post first product what do you guys think this is before, I tell you, I thought it was a massager and she thought that – you’re correct this is a new two-in-one faced roller wrinkle manager full body massage remove cellulite anti age your retails from five dollars and seventy cents three-and-a-half stars and it is free shipping, I like that it’s a bargain. So basically a face massager or massage anything on your body massage your biceps or just do this oh yeah remove that face cellulite this is actually very fun, I would just sit here and do this all day or I’ll just have you do it see what else, I can massage my shoulders yeah work my chest just kill your area as far as, I can get it my neck what nice, I like this do you miss education yep works and then also team with this face roller also plastic, I like this one better in all practicality, I don’t see myself using this it might work for you. If you use it consistently for months.


But it looks more like a child’s toy. So that could be fun kids toy or a gag gift get it cheap let’s move on next is the cheapest foundation or makeup brush guess how much, I paid for this whoa no one sent you guys. But then the shipping threw me off and charge me $2.99 how dare they the co cute it is it is super cute it’s very dense and already have a lot of shedding and, I think it’s a little too chubby for my little hands. But it’s not bad. So the way I’m going to test it out is I’m just going to blend some cream contour stick on my face. Because, I don’t feel like applying foundation, I just want to see for blend miss a blend evenly let’s do this it’s blending doing good you guys you’re thinking blend on top over a foundation and everything else, I have on my face not bad mudbud, I might have to give this a full world with foundation everything concealers and give guys an update for once sent a blue dress it just smells it smells like paint fumes don’t know what it is.

But it smells probably should have washed it before. But I don’t have the time, I am buying everybody this that, I know and tell them, I spent a fortune. So let me show you a really quick fact about eyebrows everyone in the world has the same exact eyebrows shape and size and this is why they created the eye bro template all right. So this retailed for a dollar and thirty nine cents with a dollar shipping very disapoint, I didn’t get it for one cent. But it is what it is the packaging is top-notch as you can see let me just make sure, I take off my ur eyebrows you know I’m just going to take off one eyebrow I’m going to take off my right one and we’ll just compare and as you can see it fits my face perfectly. So let’s just fill this bad boy in guys ready for this how does it look very sharp, I know you sometimes don’t take me seriously in all seriousness this is legit you want the same eyebrows every girl in the world you’re welcome I’m just kidding it really sucks, I can see why what 275 reviews it is not even 2 stars it sucks I’m just glad to spend more than 3 dollars on it what’s shipping for this next product, I have a nose device this would have some really cool before and after pictures. So basically like lift your nose up a little bit instead of being like a downwards nose just kind of lift it up, I don’t know it looked fun let’s try it it was a total of $4.

99 $4.99 what’s free shipping, and it’s three stars with six customer review as you can see it has all of the nose shapes and sizes covered men and women you know, I don’t know which one, I am Soule just swing it in the middle number two all right let’s just say a quick prayer. Because some of the customers said it got stuck in their nose for a little bit. So that makes me nervous how do, I thank God for illustration let’s do this. So this right here is a and this is beams this little thing right here where it has a number. So you take the a right in front right here like this and then you just put the be like that alright. So the other side oh my goodness, I look phenomenal, I can’t even tell there’s anything up my nose my goodness look at that little button nose totally worth it and, I will totally be wearing this out in public, I would definitely not buy this again, I don’t know who would do this out in public you can totally see there’s something up your nose, I don’t know maybe.

If you’re lucky to see. If you’re thinking of getting plastic surgery and you want to do something different you knows like raise it up it could be like a trial for you, I guess that’s cool it’s very inexpensive, I probably should mention don’t get this weird kids personal experience they will stick it up their nose when, I was a child, I pick things up Psygnosis all the time, I don’t know why, I was a weird child let’s move on next product is to help tone your chin best part is, I only paid three dollars and 99 cents for it plus a dollar ninety-nine for shipping this looks like a very interesting contraption honestly the quality’s still crap it is really bad the actual logo is already rubbing off, I honestly think somebody used this before me just kind of more easy alright. So it comes with three different Springs you have a very thin week one you have a medium built and you have a very six really strong one and you can barely bend. So let’s put it into unlock version Wow guys, I think slim Pia dud, I literally can’t open it, I have it all unlocked there’s a lock and unlock, and it’s nothing’s coming off hey Pete I’d open it, I might have wrote home free oh yeah whoops all right. So let’s put the spring in I’m going to put the strongest one in because. I’m so strong. So the strongest one is the blue one, I take it it mixes work you guys, I am an independent woman, I can do this aah Oh gypsy laughing all right, I think we got we’re getting somewhere you guys man this is hard see now it’s locked all right let’s unlock it this is dangerous you just place it like this and then you just hold it there it says to look in the mirror.

So it’s a correct posture and then it says when you tilt your head down smile fix it up for your face imagine. If you take this lid gem and you did these exercises in front of everybody that would be awesome. So we have covered our chin we’ve covered our eyebrows we’ve covered our nose all we have left are the lips I’m excited for this this is a lip plumper the original lip plumper it’s called lip venom it was pricey was $15.99. But with free shipping, and it’s rating is three and a half stars with 286 reviews. So I’m not the only one that bought this did you see all right. So I’m looking at the ingredients in the first several ingredients are all oils for example jojoba oil has avocado oil and sunflower seed oil which, I improve, I love oil for my lips I’m kind of interested in how this is actually going to work or its pump some lips for $15.

99. Because mama is too cheap to get lip fillers smell like cinnamon actually smells like one of my toothpaste. So looks sticky just apply this don’t feel anything yeah okay, I feel something, I literally already used like a fourth of it which gives us a couple of seconds to activity with my lips all right. So it’s been at least 30 seconds to do its action, I don’t see a difference honestly it’s not tingling as much as, I would like it just tastes very good though for this tiny amount, I also think it’s worth $16 this is kind of ridiculous honestly, I mean some people said they liked it, I don’t give and there we have it Thank You Willa boo for sponsoring this post. I’m so glad this money on these awesome awesome beauty products, I will probably return some of them. Because they look like they were returned once before me. So, I will return the favor.

So somebody else can play with these things and experience the joy that, I experienced these products sucked the only thing, I think, I liked was the makeup brush for a one-cent that was awesome my mind was blown well for now thank you for reading this post I’ll see you in the next one bye.

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