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Dear God please let my hair not fall out good well Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post and this one’s gonna be really great.

Because we have three heat hair tools to test out. So these right here are the tools I’m talking about I’m testing today heated hair brushes that supposedly straighten your hair I’ve seen a lot of these on Instagram and Facebook and, I think they’re gimmicky especially for fine thin hair like mine, I don’t think they do much for your hair this right here is the InStyler this one, I purchased in Target, I think for $44.99 maybe even more, I know all of these are under 50 Oh make sure all the informations down below. But you can also find us on Amazon for cheaper, I just looked the InStyler does have a digital heat setting which you guys know, I love and, I approve of that’s already an automatic a plus for me and, I do like the way packaging. But I do think it might get dirty the brush itself is really thick and big the actual bristles compared to the other ones. So I’m kind of interested to see how that works next is the Revlon heated hair brush and this is their extra-large, I don’t know. If they have a small or medium or a large this is their XL.

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But they actually reached out to me and instagram after they saw my Revlon a hair dryer post they pretty much loved it and basically wanted free publicity for more products a test out, I have no obligation. If this thing sucks, I will let you know and. If it’s awesome, I will let you know the Revlon brush has a different look to it it’s more rectangular and the bristles you have really thin bristles and you have the regular bristles as for a brush and I’m really excited. Because this one also has a digital heat setting and, I have a set at 290 Fahrenheit, I have the Installer set at 3:30. Because that’s as low as it goes and then this last one is in mini one look how cute this is this one also was sent to us from some kind of guy, I don’t even know where he’s from. But Amazon guy and this one, I think was $29 it’s really cute it’s mini great for travel. But also we have knobbly to promote it or even test it out it has heat setting control.

But it does have an automatic setting, I think it’s at 350 once it heats up then you can control it there’s two key settings there’s a low and then a high let’s jump into it and try all of these out I’m gonna use some heat protectant the kenra thermal styling spray actually now I’m gonna use the Paul Mitchell hot off the press, I need a lot of heat protectant today since there would be a lot of heat on my hair alright. So I’m gonna basically do it as, I would a flat iron I’m gonna grab a section of hair, and it’s already heated at 3:30 I’m just gonna start alright let me try the Revlon, I don’t know why keep brushing my hair out why am, I doing that alright is there a difference do we see a difference well, I know, I just want to see. If it’s gonna make it nice and sleek and smooth let me take my flat alright. So this right here is one of my top favorites flat irons it is very expensive. But it’s incredible this is the bio ionic 10x, I have a set at 320 Fahrenheit alright let’s do this, I think. Because, I use the Revlon hairbrush that it ready has bristles on it it helps create that smooth effect. So for a straight smooth hair you don’t really need this.

So if you want really sleek straight ends just use a regular flat iron you can’t really get really straight ends with this, I mean it’s good it brushes it out which is amazing there’s not gonna be any knots. So, I like that all right let’s try the mini, I think these brushes they’re meant for really curly coarse hair that you can’t really get control with a flat iron maybe, I don’t know, I don’t really have that issue. Because, I do have really silky fine thin textured hair. So for me a flat iron works very well for that alright. So now comes the best part let’s try it on really curly hair and then wavy hair that’s what I’m excited about this right here is a good look you’re welcome a goal is to see how well these stray and dear God please let my hair not fall out all right let’s start with this side first it’s gonna section it off as, I would if, I were to straighten my hair let’s start with the InStyler and, I have a set at 390 I’ve bumped up the temperature a little bit on both of these this one’s at 350 and this pink one is still at 350 their lowest heat setting which is their green all right let’s just start with the InStyler oh look at me just move my mirror let’s get the red one noise let’s get them anyone okay look at that it’s sort of straightened it’s a little it’s still a little frizzy towards the bottom. So it’s not completely sleek straight let me run it once more like a what a flat iron. So usually twice once or two times still not as sleek as, I would want it let’s do this again rev one it does it did take out some hair this one really pulls for some reason alright let’s do this side again with the mini yeah it’s pulling it.

So it’s not completely sleep I’d have to go multiple times yeah it does straighten it it does straight and as you guys can see. But it still looks frizzy to a point where, I would want to go with the flat iron and just smooth and sleek everything out even more alright I’m gonna finish this off and let’s see I’m gonna start with the mini one towards the front yeah it’s pulling my hair it’s not as straight as, I would want it it is definitely straightening it Revlon yeah, I just definitely pulling on my hair yeah it’s pulling it’s pulling hair out all right let’s do this again gonna really straighten it good okay all right let’s do the InStyler now it’s having a really hard time with the top curls let me take a smaller section and try that no having a hard time all right. So for the bottom layers it did a pretty good job. But for the top section of my hair it’s not doing a good job as, I thought it would the curls were a little bit tighter towards the top. So as you can see it is having a harder time straightening the hair man I’m disappointed, I really thought it was gonna straighten my hair all of them all right let’s do this again, I had faith in them oh yeah sleek smooth. So let’s talk about the positive for this site all of these brushes have our brush that’s the positive, I really like that you don’t need a second tool as you would with a flat iron and a brush. If you really want to get really smooth look.

But that’s where it ends with the positivity even though it has a brush which, I love it tugs and pulls on my hair – it took way too long to get to where, I wanted even though, I didn’t even want this look and three it didn’t give me the results, I really wanted and they basically promised you’re gonna get really smooth hair really sleek shiny hair I’m sure you can get the really sleek smooth hair. But it’s just gonna take a really long time and a lot of heat on my hair which, I don’t need all right. So I’m really nervous I’m anticipating doing this side. Because it’s gonna take me probably a long time to get some kind of smooth results I’m going to bump the heat a little bit on all three of them. So let’s do 410 an in styler and I’m gonna change it to blue. So it’s me for ten on this one as well I’m gonna do this one for ten as well. So I’m gonna keep all them at for ten let’s start with the mini one yes pulling a lot oh look at that it’s really frizzy.

But let’s do this nice okay let’s do the Breslin hey nice all right let’s do the InStyler okay not bad super frizzy though I’m honestly surprised it’s frizzy. But. If you keep going at it you might smooth it down as much as you want, I mean, I can’t really attest to really curly natural hair, I don’t have it, I had to use a chapstick curler to get those curls. But for this it’s pretty good right that’s pretty good I’m really surprised let’s do this top section of hair hopefully it does a better job done on this side but. So far it’s proving that it works much better and more effectively on super curly hair versus somewhat wavy curly hair alright let’s do this it’s creating the curls that were hunted this high to begin with. So the bottom section, I was grabbing bigger sections. Because that’s what, I usually do on the very bottom of my hair.

Because you don’t really see it. Because this hair is on top of it. So with these sections at the top section this middle section, I was taking smaller sections and, I was getting closer to the root of my head. So it created a lot more tighter curls. So maybe that’s what’s happening here it’s starting to smell this one works much better let’s go over that one more time okay I’ve noticed this one is a little bit harder to use just. Because the purple bristles are. So thick and they’re wide compared to these ones the black ones are super thin and they’re a lot smaller.

So, I think the hair is having a hard time going through this, and it’s not evenly dispersed throughout the brush. So it’s creating a lot of extra frizz, and it’s not getting all of the hair let’s try the front with this brush nope let’s do the Revlon brush. So I’m gonna try Flatiron as, I did in the other side and let’s see how well this this compares Wow I’ve actually never tested that in really curly hair, I saw a post they were using on african-american hair it was insane it was. So silky smooth the before and after Wow a blew me away let’s move on to this section right here and see. If we can frizz it down let’s go with the Revlon since this one this seems to be performing the best out of all of them oh it’s pulling my hair oh my gosh that’s not good let’s finish off with the mini who has a hot mess it’s so smooth it’s so straight let’s talk about the positives with the three brushes they all have hair brushes which is great. Because you only need that tool and that’s it and my favourite bristles were definitely the Revlon just because. So the bristles are a lot smaller and there’s a lot more of them versus the InStyler.

Because the heated bristles are way too big and too chunky my opinion and then the mini even though they’re a little bit smaller than the InStyler is just way too small. But I do love the convenience of how tiny it is. So for traveling you could even keep it in your purse take it to the gym even though you could also take these to the gym. If you wanted to still not as good. So the negatives for this even though all three of they have brushes they all tug to my hair and pulled some of my hair out, I don’t like that too it takes way too long to get bad results and three, I don’t like the overall results maybe somebody does. But no this is not how they market their tools for example Revlon right here on the front of the box it has advanced conditioning ionic technology for maximum risk control and brilliant shine where and gentle straightening and detangling bristles they’re all competing against a flatiron which you guys saw doesn’t bring value can, I get rid of this flat iron and basically use this for everything that a flat iron could do in styler this is what they advertised on the box the straight up ceramic straightening brush gives you smooth straight frizz free hair and half the time it takes to use a flat iron this mini straightening brush hello shine helps you get silky smooth and frizz free hair in minutes maybe like 40 minutes yeah defeat Bed Head and frizz. But the hassle and pinch straight results I’m a flat iron they’re all competing against a flat iron.

But you don’t get anywhere near the results of a flat iron unless you don’t want results of a flat iron this is what you will get, I was kind of impressed at first. But then it showed its true colors, I just kidding. But seriously they’re not they’re not worth the money they’re not worth the time just use your Flatiron it’s so much better. So there we have it, I thought this post was really fun and informative definitely opened up my eyes with the straightening hair brushes and how they compare to a flatiron it was really interesting to see how predictable they were in my opinion let me know down below. If you guys actually have tried one of these types of brushes and. If you do have really curly coarse hair and how it worked for you. If it did create a really smooth silky result in comparison to a flatiron.

Because that’s how they market themselves you don’t need your Flatiron and you just need this hair brush straightening brush my hair went through a lot today maybe all right I’m gonna go straighten my hair with a flat iron and we’re gonna go out to dinner alright you guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in the next one bye.

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