The Best Eyeliner Style for Your Eye Shape

Liner is a magnet for attention. It draws attention to the eyes and forces eye contact even from strangers. (I definitely get noticed more when I wear liner.) Even if you have deep-set eyes, liner will make your eyes stand out, maximizing them.

If you have blue eyes, your eye color will be best accented by brown or navy liner. I also like charcoal for night.
If you have brown eyes, use dark brown or cocoa liner.
If you have green eyes, try brown shadow. Or, if there’s a yellow undertone to your eyes, camel or pale yellow shadow is the best complement. Liner Don’ts
Never apply liner to the inside rim of your eye. Ophthalmologists universally admonish women (and makeup artists) not to use this technique.

Applying liner so close to the eye surface increases the risk of injuring the eye. In addition, there is the risk of infection to the eye from the eyeliner, which seeps easily onto the eye surface, and from the brush surface, especially if it has not recently been cleaned.
Aesthetically, wearing liner on the rim of the eye doesn’t work. By lining so close to the eye, you make it look smaller. It is very high-mainte-nance as well, as you must constantly wipe away the residue from the inner corner of eye.

White eyeliner applied to the rim of the eye looks like, well, white liner applied to the rim of the eye. It doesn’t magically make eyes look gigantic. (This is, however, a regular part of stage makeup.)


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