I know, I look fabulous today it’s. Because I’m bringing to you a method of heatless curling yes this is not that one post that, I promised is going to be in the future. But this is the one where I’m testing out a product that you guys recommended a lot and I’ve had my eye on. So I’m very excited.

If you guys want to see Halle Dooley’s good ball motion. So right now we’re going to be testing out the curlformers you guys have requested this a lot and I’m excited as well. Because they’re heatless curls that give a really nice curl to your hair. So, I got two types of curls the first ones are the green in the blue which you have the long and the short version and these ones give you the very tight and narrow curls and then, I picked up this one right here which is the pink and the orange and, I got both the short and the long version. But these ones give you more of like a wide less curly curl hope that makes sense. So, I figured, I would test them out both for you one on wet hair damp hair like, I have right now and then the other on dry hair and see which one gives the best results. So let’s start at first with the tight ones.


So before we even begin you will need the styling hook for the curlformers and it is sold separately which kind of sucks, I don’t get why. But you got to make the money somewhere even though these are not that cheap anyways. So you get a long way to get eight of them and in the short ones you get ten of them. So let’s test him out. So, I just took a shower and my hair is slightly damp it’s not like soaking wet you can see some areas already getting dry. So it says for best results section off your hair and get as many curls as you can in your head which is awesome. Because, I always section up in here when, I curl it or straighten it I’m on board alright.

So let’s open this hook up oh dang what is this thing to make it longer, I think no, I think you just make it longer well that’s interesting when you rip this open. But it’s a very long all right let’s start I’m excited. So excited the difference between the green and the blue is they go different ways like the curls the green, I think it goes towards the left and the blue goes towards the right. So it’s kind of cool and you have like these openings bottom and the top to where the curl is staying place is kind of like this rubbered little holding here on the very top it’s kind of cool. So basically what it says is to just like take it through just like. So just like that okay that wasn’t that hard alright. So, I guess we’re going to start doing this it says to grab your hair put it through the little hook and then just take it up and then with the other hand we’re just going to pull the hair through just like this with the hook just like that oh there it is got it alright.

So I’m going to keep doing this alright it’s not that hard, I thought it would be harder okay not that bad. So what you do is just put it through one end just like that make sure your hook is visible grab a section of hair get the hair in the hook and then just take it like this with the other finger bring up the curler there we go and just pull the hook down with the hair okay. So, I have a total of seven short ones on the lower here alright. So I’m not sure, I have enough of all of these, I did read that a bunch of people said that one little package was not enough you have to have like at least three to four deep, I needed much hair you have and, I don’t even have that much hair alright. So for this second section I’m actually going to take the longer ones the same phone plop them in there there we go get it in there pick up the curl with the other hand get it through and pull all right that is think, I don’t know what’s what’s happening here alright, I guess that’s okay yeah, I already don’t like these too much. Because they’re sort of damaging my hair already. If you dye your hair or you color your hair it’s very very fragile when wet.

So you’re like pulling it really tight I’m gonna open up these bad boys. Because, I have no more blue or green left probably just need one more package of either long or short. So, I probably need a total of three packages just for my short thin hair the verdict is, I like the wider ones better cuz it’s not as tight on my hair when you when, I pull it through it’s easier, I don’t have to put too much force into it just like that it’s a very nice and gentle on my hair. So basically all you have to do is you could either sleep with them overnight or you can just wait for them to dry give it a couple of hours or you can use a blow dryer for maybe like 10 minutes or. So give them nice heat let them dry and, I did actually replied. So be careful when you actually put it in from the very end or whatever and you put it in when you stick it and be gentle they like it nice and easy oh that’s what she said and Andre Andre hit me in the eye who’s helping me put one through and he snapped it right in my eye, I was crying well my Iowa’s crying just this one it’s been three hours later and, I think my hair is fully dried we’re gonna try to take them out see. If it’s fully dried or not, I hope it is fingers crossed and Andre just said that, I look like Medusa the Greek goddess look into my eyes you would like this post.

If only was that easy. So what it says is to hold kind of like squeeze it to open it up and then with the other hand just straighten out the curl and then we’re just gonna pull it out just like. So oh look at that it’s dry. But it’s very like frizzy we’ll see we’ll see what to do with it, I don’t know yeah, I actually had a doll, I got a gift for my parents and, I was a little kid, I think, I still have love it tickets we’ll have it on a parents house somewhere in the Attic and it had curled like this and, I was always dreaming like oh, I wish, I had hair like this not always playing with her hair and, I even cut her hair with my little sister and we thought it was gonna grow back yep well these are cute oh, I love these ones these ones were here are the wide curls versus the tight curls oh yeah that’s super cute they’re a lot cuter than the narrow ones. So honestly these are kind of painful these really tight ones. Because they really pull on your hair when you try to take them out maybe it’s just my head. But it’s not really that sensitive and these these narrow ones are a fail, I don’t like them at all it looks like a mess let’s be honest I’m going to take some of those BB brilliant it’s just like a little paste for your hair and I’m going to try to define the curls just a little bit wider ones are slightly better.

Because they’re more defined they’re just not all over the place, I like that. But these narrow ones, I don’t know no you know they might work better and certain type of hair. Because my hair is really really thin and fine. So maybe that’s why. But this is not a good look, I feel bad. So I’m going to try wash my hair again get them damp and then actually try the wider curls. Because, I had a better result this right here is with the wider set look this is really pretty look at that it’s actually bouncy it’s a actual curl will apply these overnight, I will try to sleep in them you would hold super painful and we’ll see what kind of result we get in the morning hopefully.

If I’m going to be too crazy uncomfortable and yes this actually feels much better on my scalp than these narrow really thin ones those really really were pulling on my head alright. So I’m going to go sleep well actually mine go edit right now then sleep and then the morning we will see how well these are all right it’s the next morning I’m excited to take these out are you. Because because, I sure AM alright. So basically the same thing like with the other ones you stretch it out to kind of make it as straight as possible this top portion and just pull it out gently one look at that okay we’re getting somewhere I’m definitely having to pull these apart. But I’m excited and these are a lot gentler to take out of my hair the other ones we’re like pulling it oh look at this one these are. So bouncy Wow, I have way too much fun too much fun so much much mulana bunch last one, I am so much happier with these oh wow they actually feels so much better than the other ones these actually feel like my hair the other ones felt like dull hair where it’s really kind of feels like straw you know what I’m talking about that kind of feeling all right. So basically what I’m going to do I’m going to take the same pace by Bumble and Bumble the BB brilliant, I love the stuff love it just take a little bit of it and I’m gonna pull apart these curls just to kind of give it a little bit more texture and dimension and definition right many more definition in these curls I’m just taking each each section and just pulling apart as many sections out of that one section as, I can just like that that way look like, I have a lot more hair it would be a little bit more defined alright.

So there we have something it still looks like a really hot mess just. Because it’s just wanting to lay where it was parted with the curlformers which kind of sucks like right here especially in the very top, I don’t know what to do with that and then some of them kind of didn’t really curl as well maybe while asleep. Because, I was trying to sleep on my back and it was really really painful, I don’t know how any of you guys sleep with these in they are not comfortable whatsoever, I would just wear these during the day. But I think the only way I’d be able to make this work and my hair and like my face shaped to make it actually look pretty, I think I’d probably do some kind of updo like the one that, I did with the 10 holiday updates maybe like the first one with the headband do something like that, I think that would be very pretty overall, I am very impressed and there we have it, I hope you guys enjoyed this post hopefully, I showed you guys the proper results. If you’re looking to buy these and, I didn’t spook you away I’m just going to play around with them actually just experiment the way to place them sorry, I don’t get crazy party lines like that. But I will keep you guys updated in my future posts if, I like them as much as, I do now thank you so much for reading this post spending some time with me, I hope you’ll give it a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it comment down below and, I will see you guys very soon the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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