The Best Homemade Liquids For Moistening Scrubs And Mask

The following liquids can be used alone or in combination. Tinctures and essential oils should be added in small amounts they serve as aromatic and therapeutic accents to the formula rather than as primary moistening agents.

Liquid Skin Type/Comments.

Water All.

Oil All/Dry/Damaged.

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Mi1 All/Dry.

Yogurt All/Dry.

Cream All/Dry/Mature/Damaged.

Honey All.

Vinegar All/Oily/Acne.

Witch Hazel All/Oily/Acne.

Herbal Infusions All/Use specific herbs to address specific needs.

Juice (orange, apple, carrot, etc. ) All/Oily Maple Syrup All.

Tinctures All/Oily/Acne: Add 1-2 dropperfuls per scrub.

Essential Oils All/ Add 1 drop per scrub.

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